Acquired high PR Domain. Redirect to Sub Folder or Sub Domain?

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Hi Warriors,

I came across a decision that I am not very clear on and I would be very grateful if you guys could share your thoughts with me.

I am in charge of SEO and Other inbound marketing strategies at the company I work for. Recently we had the opportunity to acquire a high PR domain that was previously a high profile directory in our industry.

We were able to scoop the domain during a GoDaddy auction, and plan on re-launching a similar directory on our website and 301 redirect the acquired domain to that directory, as well as set up some specific redirects to specific parts of the directory.

My main question here is; do we build and send this redirect to or

The directory will have our website's header and footer, so link juice will dissipate throughout the site. But I am still unsure if there are drawbacks from going with the sub domain choice.

The plan was to send it to the sub folder and not complicate things. But due to circumstances with the technology we use, the entire project would be much easier to accomplish on a sub domain.

Thanks a lot for any insight!
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    This is really the easiest question I have answered in awhile. You put your directory in a sub-folder. That is the ONLY way that it will pass any "juice" to the domain or receive any authority from the main domain. When you put something in a sub-directory, it is treated as a completely different website and no authority flows to or from it and the main domain.

    Lots of confusion exists about this due to a video Matt Cutts posted a few years ago where he said it did not matter whether a blog was on a sub-directory or in a sub-folder. The question was which way would the blog rank better. If the query would have been what is better for the SEO of the main domain, Matt Cutts would have had to answer "sub-folder." (Technically, Cutts was wrong in his answer, too. Assuming the main domain had any authority at all, the blog would always rank better in a sub-folder).
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    Dave, thanks so much. Very clear answer.
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