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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for reading.

I am currently outsourcing my backlink building and I recently decided to hire someone with no previous experience with SEO or backlinks. I am trying to describe to him what a backlink is and why they are important.

I am having a very hard time describing it simply so I was wondering if you can do a better job than me?

So can you describe in layman terms, what a backlink is and why they are important?

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    I would say, "Webpages and other documents on the internet are full of links that you can click to get to other pages, sites or documents. The term "backlinks" normally refers to links on different websites that, when clicked, bring you to one particular site. From the point of view of that site's owner, these sites are linking "back" to his/her site. Google and the other search engines rank sites in different ways, and one thing that shows a site's popularity is how many other sites have links going to it. If you then manage to get links from lots of really popular sites (high "Pagerank" in Google's terms), you then increase your site's ranking as well. This should get the site listed higher up in the search results."

    Hope this is useful,

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    Thanks Jon for the explanation...
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    Backlink is a link pointing to your website. It's important to use proper anchor text. Backlinks are important because they increase your position in search engines.

    I'm just curious, why would you hire someone with no experience?

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  • I am surprised you decided to hire someone with no experience of backlinks or SEO.Sorry to say this,but you will get very few results.Get someone who is experienced.
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