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From "Search Engine Land".

You must have seen that some businesses do not perform well in local search. There are a number of reasons behind this and landing on several locations increases the requirement for the solid local SEO basics. There is a lack of well performing and well-optimized page for the local businesses.

Here, we demonstrate what you should do to be the perfect local SEO landing page.

Where Lead Generation Meets Local SEO

There are basically two key fundamentals to consider. They are:

1. Local SEO ranking factors
  • City, state in landing page title
  • Click-through rates from search results
  • Topical keyword relevance of domain content
  • Quality/authority of inbound links to landing page URL
  • Product/service keyword in landing page title
  • Page authority of landing page URL
  • City, state in landing page H1/H2 tags
  • HTML name, address and phone number (NAP) matching location NAP
  • Load time of landing page
  • NAP in hCard/ on landing page URL
  • Geographic (city/neighborhood) keyword relevance of domain content

2. The Perfect Landing Page
Most of the landing page skills come out of the well known PPC industry. If you want to drive more traffic towards your page, you should boost every bit of performance from it. Actually, there is no perfect layout and a right page. It depends on what is being promoted.

Here we have some guidance from various tested best practices.
  • Ad Copy and Context
You can say that this is pure PPC perfection.By using a landing page, you can allow a very tight messaging between the Page and ad. You should align the language and inflate the conversion speed. Most of the local SEO has several parallels because they are usually relatively narrow in the targeting, along with the location and keywords being the key.
  • Page Headlines
Page headline is the first thing to grab the attention of your readers. Page headline should present your positioning and engage the users. Also, a key headline can be supported with the secondary headline. Keep this concise and clear so it can deliver unique value proposition and selling proposition.
  • Product Features
You are also required to list some specific service or product. This will let your prospect customers know what your service entails. It will also help out cover every variation of how they may search. Like, if you are offering 24-hour locksmith services without any call out charge, make sure that this information should be available on the page.
  • Product Benefits
This is also known as the old marketing sauce. Provide the detail of features but praise the benefits of your services and products. Also, explain how your product or service will benefit the customer. You should include the emotional element to your sale that pushes the customer to remain in touch.
  • Location Map
Focus on location landing page. Map detailing will tell the people where you are or where you provide your services. If you do not have a local address, your map should offer driving directions so that you can guide your users.
  • Call to Action
It provides a clear and strong call for action. Phone number ensures the best general outcomes for local business inquiries.
  • Social Proof
A requirement of case studies, reviews, and testimonials; which are appropriate.
  • Your team
Put your team in front of people. Humanize the landing page and show Tom, Dick and Harry from the office who will be answering your call.

The Perfectly Optimized Local Landing Page

The perfect local SEO landing page is a precisely tuned lead generation page. It marks the boxes for Google and gets what your users are searching for.

SEO and landing Page Synergy

It is not difficult to get trapped into a perspective, whether this is landing page optimization, SEO, PPC or different digital marketing strategies. Here, I just want to explain how examples from one field can improve and complement another.

Understanding the way in getting the perfect local SEO landing page helps to get the lead generation and increase visibility. With the help of our provided solid local SEO landing basics, you can get a chance to win. Be creative on your landing page; their first impression might be lasting.

For more details visit "The perfect local SEO landing page".

Which "local SEO landing page" basic would you like to use and why?
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