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I'm doing Blog posting, web 2.0 profile creation, directory submission, article submission, PPT, PDF, Forum, Press Release, Video Submission, etc, etc, etc, but everything is not working for my site, can anyone help me now ? any new tips !
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    First check your website health I mean domain authority and spam score with Moz research tool if spam score is more then try to remove affected back links later on do some changes on meta tags as well as content. I hope this will help you if not feel free to contact me for further assistance.
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    Be specific with your goal first and set metrics on how you want to evaluate the campaign.
    With those techniques, I believe it must have a contribution! And as always, be patient and it may take some time. By the way, how long have you run the campaign?
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    70% Traffic and website success depends on Proper keyword Research .
    Just find Low competition Keywords And then apply your mention techniques ... Boom
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    The works which you mentioned to optimize your website are basically backlinking (off-page optimization). Is your website crystal clear from on-page perspective? Did you check it?
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    Understand your competition first ,Suppose you are trying to rank this keyword "web hosting " it is very competitive keyword and you need tons of high quality backlinks so it is not possible to rank a website for this keyword . If you are trying that type of you keywords then you don't have any chance to be ranked on google SERP .
    Just be tricky now / Keyword Selection
    Understand you are in sylhet , So now select this keyword "web hosting sylhet " it will be very low competitive keyword and will be very easy to rank . just 50 backlinks can rank this keyword as my assumption .
    Competitors Backlink Profiles
    Check the backlinks profile of competitors and think yourself that are u able to create more good backlink profile then your competitors . If your ans is yes then go ahead
    On page Optimization and link building
    Now optimize your webpage with your keyword and start building link with 100% confidence . And work daily for next 3 month until your keyword appear on SERP .
    Good LUCK
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    Just focus on proper keywords and provide URLs that are easy to interpret and should contain neat keywords.Also take help from Alexa which is known for offering solutions to improve SEO and enhance your ranking on search engines.

    Cheers J

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    1. Choose Best long tail keywords for your content

    2. Post unique contents & give importance on your contents quality & try to read as a viewer. If you Think your viewer will enjoy your articles then Add perfect image and upload an attractive theme for site

    3.Do every steps in On Page SEO. If you think your site is ready for viewer then go for Off page. Only link your site with related site.

    4. Remember don't do On Page & Off page at a time.Don't Run a website with 5/4 contents !
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  • If you are performing all these tasks, then you need to focus on the keyword research. You have to search the best and short keyword in google for search engine result.
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    Do a keyword research. Sort out keywords which have medium searches, so that you will have to face less competitor and less hard word.
    Start On-Page SEO
    Off-Page SEO
    Wait for some month and you would definitely get desired result.
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  • You can build quality links from high DA sites by regularly posting 1-2 promotional your own links and 10-15 niche news links, also participate on the other posts link as links and comments, etc. But using this, you can share unique content among the audience.
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    Hi friends, i am Rakib and new in SEO sector, i have improved so much my self last few months. Now i am trying for job in seo line. So what point i would take care in interview board and what what will be my most priority in seo job?

    Pleas need answer> Thank you all.
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    Originally Posted by jonbonjovi1990 View Post

    I'm doing Blog posting, web 2.0 profile creation, directory submission, article submission, PPT, PDF, Forum, Press Release, Video Submission, etc, etc, etc, but everything is not working for my site, can anyone help me now ? any new tips !
    You need to obtain links from related, strong sites. How you get them depends on your resources, the industry you are working in etc etc.

    Have you taken a look at how your top ranked competitors are obtaining their links? Is it something you could replicate?
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    First, set your on page SEO perfectly and then analysis your keyword competition.

    Then off page SEO build the backlinks from the high DA sites which are relevant to your niche

    Update your website regularly with quality contents.

    Make a strong internal linking and external linking in your contents.
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    You probably have missed the first important step before you do those things...

    Proper Keyword Research
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    The first task for your solution to check the content quality of your site.content is the king in SEO world so without proper use it you can not able to rank on google.you can use google penalty checker tool to check why your website is got punishment.Also, search that your site uses proper meta tag or not?.Because this thing helps google to better understand your site.

    AmarInfotech is an iPhone application development company in India which allows mobile app development for the global clients.

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    First set the goal for your site and do proper research for your target audience. after that find the best keywords for your site because if you do mistake in this part then nothing can helps you. after doing good keyword research optimize it on proper pages and link them with the god internal and external linking structure.

    After doing this you can start your link building stuffs and be very specific for that stuff. check health of the site on which you are going to build your link. do proper research for your link building. Do only those stuff who gives you proper back link and leave the other stuffs.
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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    Check your compititore on that website and create quality of Dofollow backlinks.
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    You need to focus on social media. Daily work on social media account and post great images with fresh content and post your link there. Forum and blog commenting is also the good way.
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    Here are some tips from my side.

    1. Focus on social media.
    2. Use Email subscriber opt-in form on your site, & send regular newsletter to your subscriber regarding your site.
    3. Link with high quality sites.
    4. Create quality content regularly.
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    First you need to check Site Health issues in Search Console, if there are any errors resolve them and also Re-submit your site in search console to index again.

    Here you can follow some tips
    • Post quality content in Article sites, Web2.0 blog sites and in Website Blogs
    • Research Related keywords to your Website and do link building activities on those targeted Keywords.
    • Post products or your services in Social Media Sites
    • Do some Business Listings to promote your website.
    • Get Relevant Backlinks from High Quality Sites.
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    If you can do Guest posting for your website this will help you for sure. Also build few links which have high PA/DA with unique content. Thanks!
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    URLs must be 100% Readable: If you can't study every term in your URL, neither can search engines. That's a massive issue because search engines know that individuals study it's before simply clicking them, to help them comprehend the material of a web page. Search engines can't unscramble insane, dynamically produced it's, nor do they even try. Instead they just study the terms in it's, just like they study the material on your web page. This allows them better comprehend your material, so they can link you with your focus on audience.
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  • Originally Posted by jonbonjovi1990 View Post

    I'm doing Blog posting, web 2.0 profile creation, directory submission, article submission, PPT, PDF, Forum, Press Release, Video Submission, etc, etc, etc, but everything is not working for my site, can anyone help me now ? any new tips !
    Is your site properly optimized for your targeted keywords? Here are some on page optimization guidelines to follow:
    • Home Title Tag: your main keyword should show up twice here, with a variation of that keyword
    • H1, H2, & H3 Tags: these tags are very important(especially <H1>), and should always contain your keyword.
    • Keyword Location Within Text: try to place each your keyword near the beginning of the first sentence of each paragraph (maintaining at least 100 words between paragraphs).
    • Keyword Density: you should aim for a density of 1.5%- 2.5% for each keyword that you're targeting.
    • Use Your Keywords as Anchor Text on your page: link to an internal page on your site, and then link to an authority site (eg: wikipedia) that is related to your keyword.
    • Images: use the "alt tag" and rename your images to your chosen keywords.
    • Decorate Your Keywords: bold, italicise, or underline your keyword at least one time.
    • Google Loves Unique Content: your post should be between 850-1000 words and be well structured around your main keywords.

    Also, you should be building backlinks that are do follow, on domans/pages with high DA (Domain Authority)/PA (Page Authority) , relevant and contextual (if possible). Not all backlinks are the same, and if you are building backlinks that are nofollow and/or on sites with a lot of outbound links, they will not help to increase your rankings in the SERP.
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  • Do a proper keyword research.
    proper design your website
    URL structure
    use different content every time for submission
    use high pr sites for submission and remove your low quality backlink if you create
    you should follow google rules for SEO.
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    Do keyword research first. You may not selected right keywords for your website. Then improve your content. You know, content is king. If your content is poor, it will never come to rank. So first select your keywords, keywords must relevant according to your site then improve content. Finally do on page optimization. If you do following task, hopefully your site will come in the first position. Best of Luck!
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    Are you spamming the website? Or are you going out and making real, good quality backlinks? If it's the former, don't expect to get anywhere. If it's the latter, then keep making good quality backlinks and you'll see results.
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    Today, we're talking about optimizing your whole site, not just a single page, for search engines.After choosing the right SEO keywords but before writing a ton of content, you have some choices to make.So think through this carefully.
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    Originally Posted by jonbonjovi1990 View Post

    I'm doing Blog posting, web 2.0 profile creation, directory submission, article submission, PPT, PDF, Forum, Press Release, Video Submission, etc, etc, etc, but everything is not working for my site, can anyone help me now ? any new tips !
    Doing all these activities will not guarantee that tjis will help you out to rank kwds in organic result, the main factor is how you are doing? Could you please check whether you have created post what is the DA of those sites and are they offers Do-follow links?
    And the content you are submitting is unique?
    Then check whether published url is crawled by google or not?
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    Hey...Be cool! Don't do spamming, Spams will decrease your rank too. Just be focused on your goal and do with it. If you can't then hire someone who might help you to get on track, Don't make your website spammy to search Engines.

    Hi, my name is Da Zheng, I am the developer and founder of RankOffer.com.

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