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Keyword research is important...But if the article title and the lead in text is not copywriting optimized, you could get 1000's of impressions but few clicks.

Ever checked your stats in google webmaster tools? The best way to bring the numbers up for actual clicks on searches is with copywriting.

With a few changes to the title and lead in, you could get way more mileage out of your SEO.

How? Swipe files.

For example - If I needed to write articles on the topic of advertising, I could collect a few words to start such as:

advertising definition
advertising agencies
advertising jobs
advertising techniques
advertising on facebook
advertising on instagram
advertising analytics
advertising a job
advertising a product
advertising budget
advertising business
advertising blogs
advertising books
advertising buzzwords
advertising companies
advertising cpm
advertising costs
advertising copywriter
advertising examples
advertising ethics
advertising effectiveness
advertising edge
e advertising book
advertising frequency
advertising gimmicks
advertising history
advertising headlines
advertising hashtags
advertising help
advertising humor
advertising in spanish
advertising ideas


Obviously you want to find the best combination of the niche with the most searches and most easily beatable competition.

For a more specific keyword it would be something like:

Advertising Agencies San Francisco (or local city name)

In this manner you could rank top 10 in just a few days when your blog post gets spidered.

So really do some keyword research and find the words you can rank easily for.

Now, let's look at some swipe files:
These are some examples of headlines that have been popular in the past:
How To Become [desired result] When You x
Look At This x Available Until [day]
Theres Never Been A More Important Time To Buy x
7 x Flaws Exposed
7 Easy x Lessons
9 Helpful Tips For x
10 High Demand x Products
11 Insider Secrets to Grow Your x Business Fast
4 Instant Solutions for x
20 Questions Answered About x
10 Tips to Master x
15 x Interview Tips
15 Essential x Strategies
3 x Lessons You Can Benefit From Today
3 x Tips that Guarantee Success
3 Best Practices For x
3 Deadly Sins x Commit When <> [x] Deadly Sins Every <> Must Avoid
3 Easy Ways To Make x Faster
3 Facts You Need to Know About x
3 Important Facts About x
3 Must Have x Resources
3 Myths of x Finally Shattered
3 Sure Fire x That Work For <>
30 Minutes x Tutorial
4 Deadly Sins x Commit Every Day
5 x Solutions You Can Try Today
5 x Warning Signs You Need to Know
5 Benefits of x
5 Brilliant Ways To Teach Your x About <>
5 Examples of x
5 Fast Fix It Solutions for x
5 Free x Bonuses Worth <$>
5 Minute x Method to Launch Your <>
5 Minute x Quiz
5 Minute x Tutorial
x Worth Fighting For
Avoid The Top 10 x Mistakes
Build A x You Can Show Off
How I Improved My x In One Day
How I Improved My x In One Easy Lesson
The Secrets To x World Class <> Quickly
The Secrets To Buying World Class x


You can get these collections online.

A good one for example is it has a free plugin...

Obviously you'll want to build up your swipe file collection as much as possible.

This way you'll always find the appropriate headline to model for inspiration.

Now...Let's brainstorm for additional variations.

For example: 4 Instant Solutions for x

For the word instant when brainstorming we can get these words:

Instant, Prompt, Quick, Rapid, Timely, Immediate, Direct, Instantaneous, Fast, On the spot, Immediately, At once, Put in order, Make ready, Precooked, Sudden, Unexpected, Second, Additional, Split second,

Solutions: Answers, Responses, Keys, Explanations, Clarifications, Details, Results, Products, Findings, Conclusions,

Now mixing these together we can create plenty of good blog posts.

4 Ready Made Solutions For Local Los Angeles SEO Content

The content doesn't have to be identical - In fact it can't be...

But if you manually make slight variations and do it in a way where the humanity and realism of an actual writer still comes through in the article...

Then you probably have a pretty good tool for SEO.

In fact, if you write good optimized articles regularly you may just about be unbeatable.
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