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Hey guys,

Now that Moz has launched a new keyword research tool, I'm debating whether to sign up to SEMrush or get a Moz pro account.

I want to be able to conduct keyword analyses and look for keyword opportunities, track search term ranking, audit backlink profiles as well as look for backlink opportunities.

I can only select one tool and was veering towards SEMrush due to their superior keyword research capabilities (compared to Moz) and their backlink checker function.

However, with the introduction of Moz's keyword research tool, I'm wondering if Moz might be the better overall package.

I've not read much on SEMrush's backlink checker function so would appreciate some advice on what overall package I should go for. I can only choose one...

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    Semrush and Moz are both good tools

    Semrush basic package is $30 roughly cheaper than Moz and gives you alot more in terms on keyword tracking, page crawls etc

    Having used both I personally prefer Moz tools due to the interface after login and how you go about producing reports etc. However both companies are providing effectively the same service, at extortionate prices.

    Have you considered using other tools as you can effectively create your own reports for free or at a fraction of the cost as there are dedicated companies for each of the tools they provide

    eg: (keyword tracking)
    SEO Tools, Software and Articles | or - free basic site report

    The list continues.

    But in answer to your question SeoMoz would be my choice if i was to pay for the ease of everything in one place.
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    I cannot really think of a decent reason to buy Moz over SEMrush. Neither one does very good with backlinks. If you really want something for analyzing backlinks, you will want to get a subscription to Majestic or Ahrefs.

    Moz gives away just about anything you would need from them for free, which is probably part of the reason they keep losing money and just had to let go of about a quarter of their staff last week.

    Even their rank tracking I found to not work all that great compared to other products on the market.

    The keyword competitiveness tool is okay because it at least attempts to incorporate the value of links when analyzing a SERP, and I don't know of any other tools that do that. However, it is based on Moz's link database, which is lacking.

    I don't really think any of those push button keyword tools do it right when analyzing competition, but Moz's is probably the closest. However, I wouldn't pay $150 per month just for that.
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    I'd pass on Moz as well. Their membership is a bit overpriced for what you get over the free stats. People have turned down their emphasis on direct SEO compared to a few years ago. Many sites are just driving traffic and links through content marketing

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    They all try to do everything, but this is how I've always done it;

    1. Ahrefs for backlink research
    2. Moz for metrics (DA, TF, etc)
    3. Semrush for Keywords

    Sure, most of them offer competing services - But they are all best at ONE thing.

    Thats my .2c anyways.
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    I think you can go to SEMrush. It's is good and you can try to paid version to gets more features.
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    For uncovering KW's +1 for SEMrush. Getting an overview of what your competitors are ranking for & how much traffic the terms are roughly bringing in is very useful. I don't use it for backlink analysis, so I couldn't comment. As for MOZ I use it to get DA only, which is a debatable metric (as are most) but important to many.
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    As a paid tool I like Semrush to use mostly. It's really great tool for SEO. I like it.
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    Hey Teamj,

    SEMrush wins because of the UI and the way the data is structured, but I guess it all comes down to the user's requirement, I recently created a similar post comparing the top research tools which might be of interest to your audience; I have been using these tools for months if not years.

    Let me know what you think?
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