Neil's $100k Challenge

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Great challenge, great results.

However I feel something is missing from the picture!


Not that he doesn't have any, he has tons of them, more so how he got them...

The whole challenge didn't talk much about backlinks, besides that he instructed his pal Mike to contact 'some' bloggers, BUT... right from the start he got links from NUMEROUS authority sites, likely sites that he used Jayson for (see Neils glowing review on that site).

But not a word about that in any of the posts documenting this challenge so impossible for a noob without a large budget to replicate this success while that was 'supposed' to be the intention of the whole challenge, starting a $100k blog from zero.

In fact that concept failed from the start due to a 'catchy' bought domain name for a few K if I remember correctly but I forgive him for that

But he could've provided more details about the extensive link building campaign he run.

Yeah yeah it's part of the overall marketing plan bla bla and not meant to show newbees how to do it without a budget but still....
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