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Hey, hopefully someone can help me out here, about 2 months ago, one of my sites that normally gets about 75-100 visitors/day all of a sudden started getting around 2,000 visitors a day.

The extra visitors were all "direct" visitors, I can't find through google analytics or my cpanel where they are coming from.

This traffic lasted about a month, then went back to where it was before, 90% natural search traffic.

Same thing happened yesterday, different site, averaged 200-250 visitors per day, got 1500 yesterday, and looks like the jump in traffic is continuing today as I have about 700 already. Same deal, all direct traffic.

Does anyone have an idea on how this happened, or where I can go to find out where this traffic is coming from? It's different traffic than the natural results, most of my sites are adsense sites. The first site has a normal click-through ratio of about 8%, with the spike in traffic it dropped to just under 4%. The current site has a click through of usually 10-12%, yesterday and so far today that click through ratio is down around 6%.

Any help would be appreciated. I love the extra traffic, but would like to know where it is coming from!
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    Was your domain name mentioned in some form of offline media?

    Do you have any videos out there with your domain name on them that may have been social bookmarked which lead to increased video views and more type in traffic?
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    There is a video on one site, but not on the other. Both sites happen to be well written, all original content, so I was thinking that some email blast or ezine may have picked them up for an issue, but I really like to know exactly where the traffic is coming from so I can go get more. I just have not figured out a way to find out... Any and all suggestions are more than welcome!

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    If it is not coming up in your analytics then it has to be something offline.
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