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Please note: I am NOT asking about Google Page Rank, but about my site's position in google for my keyword.

Hey folks, just wanted to know what you think the best tool is for checking my site's position in google?

I've tried over a dozen different google position checkers online, and they all seem to yield different results, some allow only a few searches a day/hour, others are inconsistent within themselves (give VASTLY different results on different days)

Traffic Travis was hands down the BEST, but I'm using a mac now and there's no mac version, so does anyone know of any other tool?

Noor :p
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    Use SEOBook's RankChecker plugin for FireFox. It will tell you all your positions for any keywords of your choice as deep as 200 spots down.

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    The SEO book is nice, I'Ve been using it for a long time, but it's not 100% accurate. The one I found most accurate is Rank Checker by link-assistant. It's not free, but you can use the demo version as long as you want, you just can't save your projects.

    As for free rank checker, SEO book rank checker does the job and gives a pretty good idea of serps.

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    Liquidgraph pretty much said it. Nothing more to be said.

    Tim Pears

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    I am using Free Google Monitor from Clever Stat. I found it in one thread here. Maybe you can try. But I do not know if it can be used on Macs or not. Hope this help ;-)

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      I found this free position checker here. It takes keywords for what you want to check your google position for, your url and the country you want to see your position in. I think it is good for Canada, US and UK. And yes, it is free.
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        I like this tool and I willdefinitely going to use thai tool as, this will give all country specific results, which is very good.

        I was actually looiking for such tool and finally I got it here.

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    I think Market Samurai has a module-- Rank Tracker that tracks your websites.
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    PageRankChecker Firefox Extension may be helpful.
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    I am using Firefosx Page rank checker and it keeps giving me very strange results today. It is showing my site on page 1 in Google and Bing, but in reality guy in the US cannot find it at all....In my country I am still on Page 1..

    I am puzzled - How it could be possible??? Guys,please help!
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    I personally like rank checker...

    It's free although is not accurate all of the time..
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