Can A "spun" Article Be Unique And Creative?

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I read a post from a well respected and very reliable source for SEO guidance.

I had no clue what "spun" or "spinning" was, so I researched a little on the subject. I became confused on the difference between spinning and repurposing an article.

My observation is that article spinning is viewed as unethical.

If I had an article that was intended for an audience of a particular profession, the vocabulary and style used in the article would be technical. If I wanted to repurpose the article for a layman or less technical audience, wouldn't rewriting or spinning be the way to do that?

Wouldn't this spun version be a creative way to attract different readers who are searching for different terminology?

Wouldn't the content be unique? Is it not a good idea to repurpose material because the search engines will view it as duplicate content and take some sort of action or penalty against the new article or the site?

So, if an article is being repurposed, can a "spun" article be unique and creative?

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    A better question is, "Can it be useful?" Answer: Yes.

    You will find a million pages describing how to visit many are useful?

    Every news organization (and other genres) spin the same facts. Nothing different here.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Adam you are confusing rewriting with spinning and viceaversa. They are two different things. Spinning is basically just interchanging words with other synonyms (similar words). Multiple companies and programmers have attempted to build programs to spin out good content and all have failed. Computer technology is not at the point where it can replace human creativity or even understand all the aspects of language and words that humans can.

    rewriting is not spinning. Its where a human reader sits down and says okay how a can I rewrite this in a different way - no automation can do that.

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    If you can add additional useful content to the original content then it's a good strategy. Otherwise, it's a waste of time with little gain.
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