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Source: Working SEO in 2016 - What Methods Currently Work? (for those that think I'm ripping or reposting)

Working SEO in 2016. A difficult topic for a lot of internet marketers and SEO. You see this kind of topic every day around webmaster forums.

What backlink methods currently work in 2016?

It's a very valid question. Most people who do internet marketing and SEO online fail, thus the majority of people are left wondering how they failed, why they failed, and how they can succeed next time (if they haven't already given in to gut wrenching failure.)

The main reason why people fail, is because: A) They suck at it. B) They give up too early.

They're literally the only reasons people fail at internet marketing and SEO. Let me elaborate a little on both the aforementioned reasons.

A) They suck at it. This is the most common reason, and there are varying reasons behind it.

People don't put enough effort into research, therefore when they go about trying methods available to them, they inevitably fail.
People put too much effort into research, therefore end up never putting all the knowledge they've accumulated into actual action.
People are impatient. They believe that they should spam as much as they can, as fast as they can. This isn't productive in most cases.
People expect results to be of a certain standard. If the results are not as good as they believe they should be, they'll quit and move on to something with a better chance of success.
People use outdated methods without tweaking them, expecting them to work the in the same way they did when they were posted.
Lack of imagination. People follow methods so carefully, that when implementing what they've learned, they lack any form of originality, making them fail due to the fact that there's nothing actually original in what they're doing. Nothing that sets them apart from the other thousand people doing the same.
B) They give up too early. Plenty of people give up before they see that light at the end of the tunnel. Why is that?

They're too impatient. They expect results fast and when they don't show - people give up and move on to something with a higher chance of success.
They don't understand what they're doing, therefore when they put what they believe to be the method in to action, and nothing comes of it, instead of troubleshooting why things aren't working, they give up.
People see a thread on a forum saying "I make money using this method", so they, like many other people trying to make money online, jump on board, giving up what they were doing previously.
Never give up! Never surrender!

Now that we've gone over how many people act, we can move on to what people actually want:

What Backlinking Methods Currently Work in 2016?

The answer? All of them.

No, seriously. This isn't a joke. Take a look at any real website that has hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks. You'll see that they don't have links of a single type. People are always spouting bullshit about what works and what doesn't like

"Social bookmarks are spammed to death. They don't work anymore." Yes, they do. Here are a few that still work fantastically.

"Nobody does blog comments anymore. Blog comments are low quality and should be avoided if you want a long term white hat website." HAH. Right.

And people follow that shit?


The best kind of SEO (Off Page SEO here, not On Page SEO), is natural SEO. Natural looking backlinks. Backlinks that are made frequently to show that people are actively talking about and enjoying your website. Dropping a thousand blog comments on spammed blogs isn't going to cut it. It isn't going to do anything in the long term (and there will be exceptions here.) Nor is submitting your website to hundreds of article directors, or getting thousands of social bookmarks. All of that spam does nothing except turn your website into exactly what you're doing to it: Spam.

You want to go about establishing a clean, realistic, natural looking backlink profile, not a typical spammers one. I know this can be difficult as well, since doing so means giving up fast (albeit short lived) rankings. This is about long term viability. This is about making yourself in to a brand that makes an income capable of supporting you.
Want rankings like these?

What you need to do in regards to setting up a link building campaign is outline what kinds of backlinks you're going to focus on first. For example..

Week 1)

Monday: Search out 3-4 blogs in your niche (or even related niches) and begin making long, on topic comments with only real names, to increase the likelihood of approval.

Tuesday: Sign up to a few forums and begin making posts. Try and connect with people but don't spam.

Wednesday: Create a Web 2.0 and begin writing up 1-3 articles to be posted throughout the next week or two.

Thursday: Continue posting on the forums you signed up on over on Tuesday.

Friday: Search out a few more blogs, but not in your niche. Entertainment niches. Ones that get a ton of comments, ones that are active and ranked well. Follow Monday's routine on it.

Saturday: Relax, and post a little on the forums. Add links to your signature.

Sunday: Try writing up a few articles to post on your site.

Now, that was just an example, and you could add in other things like social networks, social bookmarks, the occasional article directory, community websites like Steam, Q&A websites. Seriously, if you can think the backlink method up, you should try and get a backlink there. Never more than a few per day though. These are, after all, supposed to look real, and smaller websites don't get that many links pointing at them in too large a frequency.

Keep the momentum up however, changing routine each week and using different methods, and you'll begin seeing results within a month or two. I'm not asking you to trust me, but I do it personally, and it works. If you're patient, and you know what you're doing to avoid making everything look like cheap spam, this will work for you and you'll be able to build a website up into something that will be able to support you forever.

Don't take my word for it. Go start right now and try it for yourself. Find high quality blogs, forums, directories, bookmarks etc., and start (slowly) making good quality comments, submissions, posts etc. on them. You won't ever have to ask "What SEO Methods are working" ever again.

Here is one website I've been working on over the last 3 months.

Are these rankings that you're interested in? This has all been accomplished manually, using the methods stated above.
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  • Excellent post! Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding backlink building, leading people to believe that certain links no longer work. Before blindly accepting what is being said by others, it is important to find out for yourself whether or not what is being said has any truth content.

    For example, many assert (as you state above) that blog comments and social bookmarks no longer work. What they should say is that only a "specific portion" of those links don't work (for example, bookmarks that are nofollow or blog comments on a page with thousands of outbound links).

    Moral of the story: Don't generalize. Not all backlinks are not equal. All categories of backlinks still work, you just need to be selective. Focus on creating links that are dofollow, contextual, relevant, and on sites/pages with high Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow. Also: get a variety of links from different platforms so that your backlink profile is well-balanced and very natural.
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  • Profile picture of the author MarkJukov
    Thank you very much, Julia!

    I agree that choosing your backlinks is part of the battle. Spamming up blog comments is going to end up penalizing you, however, blog comments in and of themselves are still great. I use them to this very day with success.
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    Nice man, Looks cool.
    So you suggest to add links in Signature after adding few posts right not instantly.
    Can you share more insights on using anchor texts or diversification.
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    • Profile picture of the author MarkJukov
      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      Nice man, Looks cool.
      So you suggest to add links in Signature after adding few posts right not instantly.
      Can you share more insights on using anchor texts or diversification.
      Yeah, I don't think it's in your best interest to instantly spam your signature. I believe that making posts over a few days to show you're not a spammer, then slowly adding in a link or two is more beneficial to the accounts survivability to be honest haha.

      I'll be going over anchor diversification on my blog in the near future.
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    I never listen to the people who say old methods don't work, they do work and they do help in attaining good results. but yes you need to change according to time and add some new methods also. Make sure you follow google guidelines for quality.
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    setting up a link building campaign is outline what kinds of backlinks you're going to focus on first - Saturday: Relax, and post a little on the forums. Add links to your signature.
    Hi @MarkJukav, Do you see the backlinks in signature is really efficient? if it effective, how many backlinks enough ?
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    Good tips. I agree that creating natural looking backlinks overtime can help increase ranking. My main focus is to get backlinks from a lot of different IPs and I also focus on getting backlinks from sites that have domain authority and high trust rank. I believe that if a site is linked to from other trusted websites, that site will eventually rank higher for relevant keywords and become a trusted source.
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    I dont think signature backlinks are so important. Have you carried out any tests or case studies?
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