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Hi, how are you?

I am a beginner in ecomm, I have a new shop and imported products from supplier with the original long titles. I read on a SEO training course that the titles for a good SEO is better to be long, not short.
I received a wesbite review and the expert told me I have to have, for Google ranking, SHORT titles.

What am I suppose to think and to chose, Long or Short titles for the products?
How many words is ideal to have a good SEO title?

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    in seo long title is better then short one for an ecommerce website but make sure that if the title is between 50-70 character that it should be much better. But if you use short title then search engine index your website name in the end of the title by default.

    Try to Add title between 50-70 character and include more information about the product and services in Description tag that will make your seo too strong for an Ecommerce website.
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    i believe that would be up to 65 characters including white spaces (blank). the title should describe what the page is about.
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    Use 50 to 65 character title .That will be good for SEO .
    You cant use too short title and as same Google don't read any character after 65 .

    You can any seo plugins to determine what is good and what is not.

    Very simple .
    Have a good day.
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  • Profile picture of the author johnben1444
    Google typically display the first 50 to 60 characters.

    Limiting your title to that will likely increase your ctr if you adequately say what they want to hear or see first about your service.

    In terms of SEO, you should also include some of your main keywords in the title. Gives you an upper hand when you do a solid offsite SEO.
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    your title must be less then 70 character, your title contain atleast 1 main keywords

    some search engine prefer 60 character in title
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    You should go with 50-60 but don't go above 70
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    Don't use long title. Because, It will no give u a good feedback from Google. Because, Google only shows 40-60 words per article. So, you must have to aware of this. Make it short as much as you can for your e-commerce site. Thanks.
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  • Profile picture of the author prakashmalhotra
    Title length has been predefined and it has been increased from 60 characters to 72 characters at present. But the usage of title in the body of a website can vary according to your need. Mostly, a long title has been used to make it easy for the search engines to suggest it while searching. It's good to limit the title length so that it can easy for the web surfers to search a website quickly.
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    You would have to be a fool to make a 50+ character page title just for the hell of it.
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    Seo title should be around 60 words. Not more. I use Yoast plugin to help me with it.
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    Hi BFX,

    A title can be too long, or too short, but there is no magic number of characters that make a title effective. You do want to be aware of page title length in SERP listings as your longer page titles will be truncated. This isn't always a bad thing, but you do want to take care that the first 50 characters include a clear and accurate description of your product so that your page title is still effective whenever it is truncated.

    In eCommerce applications product titles have a multi-role function. By default the product titles serve as the page headline, as well as the the page title. Depending on the eCommerce platform you use, it is often possible to modify your page title without changing your product title. If possible you can optimize each element separately.

    You need your product page Headlines to be clear, accurate and specific to be effective as a headline. It is also helpful to have a page headline that is value-centric, utilizing a compelling value proposition. Look at Amazon.com's directly marketed products to get ideas for effective product headlines.

    One of the most common problems I see with product titles is that in an apparent attempt to keep them short, crucial keywords are excluded from the Product title (ie. a machine part that mentions the machine model it fits, but does not include the name of the product itself). There is no way for a search engine, or a website visitor to be instantly certain of what the page is about if it isn't clearly mentioned on the page headline.

    If you focus on creating clear, and accurate product page headlines you will tend to get good results in both the page headline and page title effectiveness. Clarity is the key function of your product titles. Length is much less important. As long as you include clear and accurate product names near the beginning of your product title they are likely to be effective, regardless of the length.
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    I believe longer titles with shorter URLs is a good practice to adopt.
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  • Profile picture of the author Farhan Khan
    Use long tail title for promotion and posting and include your keyword in that and a make meaningful phrase that will surely generated good traffic.
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    The title's length must be according to Google's guidelines in which promotes the right length exposures to the audience. Interesting and new title.
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    Titles should be 50-60 characters. I guess the 'expert' told you to have short URL since that is something google prefers.
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    Standard is 50 to 65 character title. to overcome your competitor & get traffic from search result impression title is a big fact. beside that when your title short then you have huge competitor & when you have long title your competitor will be little bit lower so long title always perform better . Hope you understand .
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    The title is important so you need to get your keywords in there even if you have to repeat the most important one but don't go more than 50-60 characters.
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  • Profile picture of the author robatsoon
    any blog or site post you must use for title 50-65 and description 160 character contain. If you over the character google don't rank your post.
    and it is best for seo.
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  • Profile picture of the author mamadsouri
    Titles should be around 65 characters max.
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