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Our website Kolkata24x7 Read Latest Bengali News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines - Bengal, Kolkata, India | Business, Entertainment, Sports News recently got a manual action penalty by Google which states that "Sneaky mobile redirects"
Some pages on this site appear to be redirecting users on a mobile device to other content not made available to a search engine crawler

However, we had disabled all redirection happening on a mobile device and filed a reconsideration request but it was rejected again. We couldn't detect any issues that is redirecting users on a mobile device or may be affecting us from being considered again by Google web crawlers. The site is our revenue generating sie, so please let us know

Please suggest what are the issues the site faces I am unable to find issues what Google is suggesting.

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    I did a quick malware scan on your site - and this is what came up:

    Online Website Malware Scanner

    It might be a false positive - or it might be that your site was hacked.

    I am not competent to offer advice - but you may want a professional to look at your site. If you have the know-how, check for recent modifications to files that shouldn't be modified frequently - like your htaccess, wp-config, most plugins, and theme files.

    You can also install a malware check plugin, and see what it turns up. Then you can take it from there.

    I am not a pro - but I have dealt with hacked sites several times. Some of those guys are good at what they do, and they can be hard to detect.
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    Thanks grumpyjacksa. However, I can't understand why Google is saying sneaky mobile redirect if they got some suspicious/malicious files in the site.

    One more thing, some times back, we did a 301 redirect to a subdomain to our main domain Does that violate any Google's policy?

    Please let me know
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    HI Giddu

    It depends on what the malware does... it could be causing the redirects.

    301 redirection - I'm not sure. I wouldn't think so, but I can't say for sure. Have you tried posting your question in the google webmaster forums?

    Sometimes you can get lucky, and one of the google employees get onto a thread to offer input.
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