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Hi all,

I am planning to provide SEO/SEM services, recently i hired 5-6 SEO/SEM professionals. Can anyone suggest me best way to increase and generate new leads for SEO projects? I am already working to last one month on freelancing sites such Upwork and freelancers but till not, have not got any response from there so please suggest me something new.

Thanks in advance.
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    Create more backlinks to website through social bookmarking, directory submission and profile creation sites. You can also create a mini blog depicting your services in detail. Create more presence over Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and linkedin. this is the best way to get lead from website.
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      Dear James Stewart0, I think you have not read my question carefully. My question was how we can get SEO/SEM project leads not asking what I should do in seo services.
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        Make a proposal according to client requirement. Try to convince client. Take 2-3 min to read the project description and add a few convincing lines in your proposal. if you are new then try to bid on a low amount , this will increase your chances a bit. You can also take benefit of paid membership .
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    Its about time I gave back to the WarriorForum in some way. Whilst I won't go into to much detail, I'll try and include enough so you can action it.

    So I was involved in a project which is very similar to what I think you're going to be doing. I have a suggestion which really helped me gain customers for client.

    Whilst you may need to amend this to match your needs, it should help you (I hope).

    I was helping my client find leads for an SEO and Web Development company. They focused on not the front end (visual) aspects, but improving websites based on Trends and Standards.

    We did as follows:

    1 - Put together a plan, of a standard service we would offer as a "Introduction" to the service.

    2 - Within the plan, we split them into key categories. E.g:

    On Page
    Off Page
    Search Engines / Crawlers etc

    3 - Once we had each of the categories, we set about exactly each of the elements the categories would include. E.g:

    Backlinks (Number + Follow / No Follow)?
    W3C Validation Errors / Warnings

    4 - Then, we looked for local venues, online forums and groups etc which related to improving websites etc

    5 - We looked at the users asking questions etc, and (FREE OF CHARGE) put together a report Based on what we'd created as a template in points 1 -> 3.

    6 - We handed these out and offered our services to resolve and improve the issues highlighted

    So, the potential clients got a free Website Review report and then we offered to work through the report on their behalf.

    This worked wonders for my client and they now have lots of customers in different niches.

    Hope this helps.
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    The industry for SEO has been very competitive, I would post online in varies forums, try offline marketing, make sure you offer competitive prices.

    Upwork is not friendly to new agencies, you are competing with people who have been around longer, and because of the minimum wage they ask for, it is almost impossible to compete with them.

    If you haven't ranked sites before make sure you offer for couple customers a low rate for them to start with .

    You can also take advantage of your work by doing SEO work for your business site.

    Best of luck
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      I am really impressed to your answer, yes I think I should start with a minimum price plan for starting client and try to convert them in a permanent client and try to find new one behalf of that project.
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        Originally Posted by josoftech View Post

        I am really impressed to your answer, yes I think I should start with a minimum price plan for starting client and try to convert them in a permanent client and try to find new one behalf of that project.
        Yes and since you are in the market of service provider so you better known about freelancer, guru, elance type portal, you can get potential leads from there.
        But better way is to rank your website keywords in all search region with potential business interest keywords.
        That would be long lasting and more impressive.
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    Seriously you are a company that provides SEO/SMM services I would suggest you to work on your lower levels first. Okay enough talk lets get on business.

    First you should have strong portfolio before approaching any client otherwise prepare to drop that lead instantly. Also you should work on your local rankings like you must have a good ranking for keywords like SEO company in <location>, SMM company in <location>.

    Follow Wilks3y approach that will give you good advantage as instead of canned proposal you will be sending live report in front of your client.
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    Hi Josoftech, have you tried some more techniques of social media like on Facebook you can make page according to your services and generate some offers on it because generally visits can be converted in into leads by your offers and the way you target the audience.
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      Originally Posted by Jennifer Smith View Post

      Hi Josoftech, have you tried some more techniques of social media like on Facebook you can make page according to your services and generate some offers on it because generally visits can be converted in into leads by your offers and the way you target the audience.

      Thank you Smith for your best suggestion but I want know what you want say I should create page for every service that's we are providing like web design service, web development services and affordable seo services etc. Is this good idea?
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    First thing, start with a minimum price plan for new lead and try to convert them in a permanent client. And there are many platform like freelancer, guru where you can generate leads. Make effective profile on that platform.
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    Hi Jsoftech,

    I'll give a disclaimer first: I run a lead generation company that provides SEO leads. That being said, I'm very open about giving lead generation advice and I give it freely to my clients.

    Starting fresh is really tough, and you'll get a lot of advice from people saying "Just do your own SEO really well and you'll get a ton of traffic." While they're right that you can get a lot of free traffic, it's much easier said than done, and will not get you off to a fast start. The same guys that will tell you just to focus on SEO will tell their clients "SEO takes a long time and a lot of patience" and that "SEO is a marathon, not a sprint," which are both true. In addition, sometimes it seems like you do everything right and you still get nowhere in the SERP's, and other times you've seemingly done everything wrong and your ranking great. It's much more of a crap shoot than many SEO's would often like to admit.

    Here are a few good ways to generate your own SEO leads quickly (in no apparent order) I used ALL of these different methods in my SEO agency days to generate leads and had at least some degree of success with all of them:

    1. PPC - This is a good way to get going fast. Google Adwords will provide you with the most traffic, but is also the most expensive. Most social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter...) have their own PPC programs as well. They can be more effective than Google and cheaper if used in a good manner, or can be a complete waste of money if done poorly.
    2. Social Media - The trick here is to become a member of various different groups and post meaningful and important information that is helpful to those groups. Posting in SEO groups is fine, but it won't help you as much as posting in other groups, such as groups for Contractors or Realtors.
    3. Post in the "services" section of Craigslist - It's not glamorous, but it does get you business. The key is to make sure that you're resolving all of your potential clients' concerns in your ad. Can they afford you? Can you deliver what you say you will? Will you communicate with them regularly? Is this a scam? Etc... If you do a good job resolving these concerns, you will do well on Craigslist.
    4. Get Referring Partners: Contact Web Designers, Consultants, Marketing Companies and others and ask if they'd refer business to you in exchange for your services or for a referral fee. I recommend doing the fee, as a trade almost never works out in the end and you're setting yourself up for them to pull the plug on you if you don't get them good results. Giving them a referral fee of anywhere between 10%-25% works well. The higher the fee is, the more participation you'll get. The industry standard referral fee seems to be 15%, but I always had trouble getting people excited for less than 20%. At 20% it's really worth their time to refer clients to you.
    5. Remarketing - This is not a way to get first visits, but a way to keep them coming back. Whatever you do to get people to come to your site for the first time, make sure that you have remarketing setup via Google Adwords at a minimum. Remarketing makes it so your banner ads will follow your users around the web. It's quite cheap in comparison to other forms of paid marketing and is very effective. If you go to my site,, you'll notice that our ads will stalk you everywhere you go on the web. This provides a gentle reminder to all the people who came to your site at a moment when they were curious, but who weren't ready to sign up at the time. Make sure you set up the remarketing tracking pixel right away when you launch your site, if not multiple tracking pixels for multiple pages and services.
    6. Buying Leads - Anyone who speaks with me on the phone will tell you that I'm not the guy that will claim that paid leads are better. They're not. Your best leads are leads that are generated through your own website. Those people are already converted to your way of thinking and liked what you said enough to contact you. They will convert better, and will convert for higher dollar amounts. Paid leads are a good alternative when there are not enough inquiries coming in to keep you busy or to keep you at the level of growth you want to achieve. Paid leads are more "sales" intensive than leads you generate on your own, meaning you have to spend more time convincing them that they can trust you.
    7. Networking - There are various local groups that you can become a member of. Some are easy things that you can find on, and others are things like the "Young Professionals Club" or the local Chamber of Commerce. These require quite a time investment to get to the point where people know you, like you, and trust you. If you enjoy networking and making new friends then you'll have fun while you're making connections that will help your business to grow.
    8. Cold calling - It sucks, but if you do it well then it actually works. You have to be innovative in your approach and it has to be managed well. You typically won't have your cold callers and closers be the same people. Closers will just quit if they have to do any cold calling, and your openers typically won't be skilled enough to be closers. You, as the business owner, can probably do both to begin with, but I don't think I have ever met a business owner that can handle doing their own cold calling. It's brutal. If you're interested in this, you definitely need to hire someone that you can manage.

    VERY IMPORTANT - None of these are "silver bullet" suggestions. Here's the truth: You'll need to have several working lead sources to really grow your company. Many people get by with just one lead source or purely from networking and referrals, but they're almost always 1 to 3 man companies. If you want to create a large company, or something you can count on where you don't have to always be worried about whether you'll be going out of business or not, you'll have to do multiple forms of lead generation.

    The hardest part of this whole thing is just getting started, so I encourage you to just push forward and start doing something right now. The pieces fall together over time when you put enough thought and action into this. You'll find yourself with a ton of different marketing methods in no time.

    Good Luck!
    Signature Fresh Web Design and SEO Leads for Sale.
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    SEO project lead can be found by using following strategies:

    1) Linkedin Lead generation: Linkedin is the best social forum for B2B businesses. Start by finding your target audience, then connect with them. Thereafter send them a pitch appreciating their work and how you could contribute in a productive fashion. You may also use follow-up messages as well.

    2)Content marketing: Writing blogs on the pain points of your customers or adding content as guest blogger on external blogs are ways of gaining links, credibility and ultimately better ranks in search engines.

    3)Email marketing and automation: Is the decision maker of your client not active anywhere else(other than mail) including LinkedIn? This one's for you in that case.
    Make sure not to make your email too sales oriented.

    Happy to help!
    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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    Anything from Anthony Hayes (All of his products are well thought out and work well for getting traffic check out his commando tools and youtube tools) Sometimes just learning a product can help your own understanding try Backlinkbeast, Moneyrobot Submitter or SEO Link Robot Each of these greatly improved the speed of learning SEO for me. The book Dream-Niches gives a lot of insight
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    Originally Posted by josoftech View Post

    Hi all,

    I am planning to provide SEO/SEM services, recently i hired 5-6 SEO/SEM professionals.

    Thanks in advance.
    Complete BS from India. You hire people.....5-6?!?!?!?! and you are clueless?!?!?!?


    And you people that answer these idiots are just as clueless.

    I hope you are NOT planning to provide SEO/SEM services.

    Thanks in advance.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Dear Paul,

      Thank you so much for giving your time, I want confirm you after getting some SEO project, company decided to hire some seo professionals. Just we want find some best way/technique to increase no of projects, how we can increase it. Currently working on some freelancing sites such as Upwork and Guru to find projects.

      Not clueless, just trying to increase no of project.
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    When it comes to the best way (or ways) to generate sales leads, or find new customers,
    1. Customer referrals
    2. SEO, SEM and PPC
    3. Cross-promotions and co-marketing
    4. Providing useful content
    5. Speaking at trade shows, conferences and industry events
    6. Using LinkedIn
    7. Using Twitter
    8. Providing contact information on every website page
    9. Live chat
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    Try to build your audience first, create a reliable reputation by posting your projects and previous testimonials on all your accounts.
    After that do blogging.
    Update regularly your website with fresh content and do social bookmarking.
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