what is the different between Q/A websites and Forum? Which one is better for SEO?

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Hi All,

I find both Q/A website and Forum same. what is the basic difference between these?

Thank in advance for reading.
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    Hello there,

    Q/A websites are mainly for asking questions and giving out valuable answers. On the other hand, forums are not limited to Q&A, but sharing lessons, opinions and tips to other readers and audience.

    Hope this helps.
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    Some say Q&A sites are better than forums...

    Well, I am not sure that is completely true. It totally depends on what you are looking for. They both have their own feel and purpose.

    For instance, if you want the most straight accurate info on a topic, Q&A site is the place to go. But if you want more public opinion and general knowledge, then stick with forums.

    I use both and I love both... It is easier to just chat on forums... it is easier and more beneficial to have an intellectual argument on Q&A sites... So you choose... it's up to you.
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    Question Answer and Forum both are same as conversation point of view but you can get more feature and conversation facility in Web forum as compared to question answer website.
    But both are important and help to enhance your online visibility and search results.
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    When you start comparing similar sites, you start finding its flaws. But, in this case not a QnA site is bad nor a forum. Both are advantageous and could boost the traffic of your business to a large extent. Forum sites must be of high authority then only it can deliver quality traffic on your website. Same in case of QnA sites as well. In forum, people discuss on a topic whereas in QnA people provides the solution to the problem which others are facing by answering their question. Do you find any hard different in them.
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    It's best to do BOTH, and a lot of other things, as parts of an overall SEO strategy.

    Doing lots of any one type of activity that creates back-links, is not ideal, because it can look like spam back-linking to the search engines, so it's best to use a lot of different methods.

    Be careful with YahooAnswers . . . don't invest too much in them, because their policy seems to be that if one person complains, they don't investigate at all, they just ban every link you've ever put there, and block your sites from ever being linked again, by anyone. So it's very easy for one of your competitors to make some fake complaint, and get all your links removed.

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      Originally Posted by Chris- View Post

      It's best to do BOTH, and a lot of other things, as parts of an overall SEO strategy.

      Be careful with YahooAnswers . . . don't invest too much in them,
      Hello chris,

      Thank you for your valuable opinion, I've started using yahoo answers. I do not understand their points system. I have received 2 points for one post and 0 points for others. What is it? Do you know about it?
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