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If you like SEO tools and you're a fan of free stuff, you're going to like this list of free SEO tools.

Backlink Investigation
1. Open Site Explorer:
2. Majestic SEO Site Explorer:
3. Ahrefs Site Explorer:
4. Link Diagnosis: iAcquire presents Link Diagnosis - examine your link competition

Server Investigation

1. BuiltWith: BuiltWith Technology Lookup
2. Pingdom Full Page Test:
3. Google PageSpeed:
4. URI Valet:
5. SpyOnWeb: Research Tool - Internet Competitive Intelligence

Website Crawling & Link Checking
1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool:
2. Xenu's Link Sleuth: Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
3. W3C Link Checker: W3C Link Checker

Content & Markup Analysis
1. SEO Browser: Free SEO Software Tool & Text Browser, Search Engine Optimization Tools - SEO Browser
2. Copyscape: Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software
3. W3C Markup Validation Service: The W3C Markup Validation Service

Keyword Research
1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
2. Wordtracker:
3. Ubersuggest:
4. Latent Dirichlet Allocation Content Optimizer: nTopic Relevant Content Writer and Scorer Tool to Improve Topical Relevancy

Competitive Keyword Analysis
1. SpyFu: SpyFu Keyword Research Tools | Discover The Most Profitable Keywords For PPC & SEO
2. SEMRush:

Social Discovery
1. Shared Count:
2. SocialMention: Real Time Search - Social Mention
3. Follower Wonk:

PR & Outreach
1. HARO - Help a Reporter Out:
2. Blogger LinkUp: Blogger Link Up
3. MyBlogGuest: Guest blogging: Looking for guest bloggers or guest post? Join MyBlogGuest!
4. DoubleClick Ad Planner:

1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics - Mobile, Premium and Free Website Analytics ? Google
2. Open Web Analytics: Open Web Analytics
3. Piwik:

Search Engine Guidance
1. Google Webmaster Tools:
2. Bing Webmaster Tools: Bing - Webmaster Tools

SEO Analysis
1. WooRank:
2. Lipperhey:
3. Pearanalytics: Digital Marketing Agency - Pear Analytics

Good luck to you,
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    Some best SEO tools are:
    Google Analytics
    Google Webmaster
    Keyword Planner
    SEOWorkers Analysis
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  • Thank you for this insightful List, Hynds. I have to comment that the all the tools you listed here is a must have and must be automatically used by SEOs who wish to be successful in their campaign.
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    MOZ - Local its good for local SEO
    Google Search Consol - free

    Seo specialist - Search Marketing Engels

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    I am mainly used Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner. These three tools are free of cost. I am also use soovle dot com for taking idea about long tail keywords.
    Mobile app Development and custom Web app Development service offers by DesignersX with expert team specialized in world- class word and mobile application for your business.
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    Given Below Tools are really helpful. Use it now, if you didn't!!
    • Rawan tool
    • Alexa Rank
    • seoreviewtool
    • Spyglass
    • Websiteseochecker
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    Free Seo Tools
    Article Rewriter
    Keyword Position
    Google Page rank checker
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    I use For site's overall

    --> Google Webmaster
    --> Google Analytics
    --> Moz Tools
    --> ahref
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    I find Similarweb a great tool. It gives you traffic estimates of established websites as well as critical information about their online presence.
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    What about SEO quake extension and Seo plugin by yoast ?

    PC enthusiast, Gamer and Founder of PC hardware,Technology and Gaming blog

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    "SEO Yoast" for wordpress is one my all time favorites. Add it to the list

    "If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." James Cameron

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    BuzzSumo is awesome for getting an insight on what type of content people are gravitating towards... then build your marketing content based on that data...

    Also, Youtube is an awesome tool to rank videos (if you know what ur doing) with your keywords/phrase ... its free traffic and if done properly, you can rank YT videos wayyyyyy faster than any new pages created... just dont forget to add your website and social links (otherwise ur defeating the purpose)
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      Originally Posted by Milan Shah View Post

      Ahrefs not free anymore
      It's free with limited results (about the first 10 records you can see). If you want to see more, then it has premium packages.
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    Whoa! What a huge list you have there, anyway though some of the tools in the list are free to use but you still need to pay for it so you can have a full access on it. Like for example ahrefs, it is a great tool if you want to know backlinks to your site however using a free account will only allows you to see a limited amount of backlinks data, unless you acquire to be a premium member.

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      Originally Posted by educaindia358 View Post

      Is there any tool to increase traffic of my website?
      The purpose of SEO is to optimize so you get 'increased' traffic from search engines.

      There are tools aimed at other types of traffic, outside of SEO but this is not the thread for them.

      If you are looking for a (perfect) tool that you run and your targeted/buyer traffic goes thru the roof, there is no such thing.

      Online success requires traffic (among other factors) and it all takes that dirty word: "WORK" ... if you enjoy it, do it. If not, forget online or offline success.
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    Google Search Console

    If you only make use of one tool from this list, Google Search Console is the plum choice. Just as the logo demonstrates it's intent with a spanner, using Search Console is akin to giving your site a regular service; use it to keep everything running smoothly, and spot bigger issues quickly.

    Google Analytics

    Ok, we all know about the frustration of (not provided) keyword data, taking away some of our most helpful analysis. But, there's still a HUGE advantage is having analytics data for your site in order to analyse content, user experience, the success of campaigns and more. In fact, if you're not using analytics in your digital marketing, you're behind the competition, no matter what.

    Google Analytics remains a popular, and constantly evolving tool, though there is increasing competition from alternatives such as Clicky, Open Web Analytics, WebTrends

    Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    Another tool that's been through significant, and often much-lamented, change in the last year, the Adwords Keyword Planner remains the de-facto source for many when it comes to ascertaining keyword volumes (though don't rely on it for exact numbers), even if other tools are used for generating seed lists.

    It feels that the new Planner is much more PPC focussed than the Keyword Tool it superseded, and the suggested keywords are often so broad as to be useless initially. However, there are ways to still use the Keyword Planner to get excellent data - this article by Dan Shure is a superb place to start

    Content Experiments

    What was known as Google's Website Optimizer has evolved into Google Analytics Content Experiments. As the name suggests, it now lives within Google Analytics rather than as a stand-alone product, but still offers an excellent, and free, way to test, measure and optimise your site.

    Content Experiments ties in with the goals you have created in Google Analytics, and lets you show several different variations of a page to users. This means you can test layouts, headlines, content, colours and more to find the optimum layout. As conversion rate optimisation becomes a more common part of the digital marketing landscape, this is a great way to dip your toes in the water before making an investment in an agency or ine of the range of potent user testing tools, all while getting actionable results.

    Tag Manager

    One of the most common frustrations in digital marketing can be the delay caused by waiting in a queue for development time. Google's Tag Manager neatly gets round this, letting you update many of the most common site tags without having to ask for dev support.

    This is a more advanced tool, but the benefits can be outsize. Once the code is installed on the site, a decent array of common marketing tags can be edited without a further code update. There's support for URL, referrer and event based tags, custom macros and more, plus a debug console. There's also planned further integration with third party tools to even more flexibility, and it's possible to use tags from third-party tools such as Optimizely now.
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    I'd like to suggest Mondovo as well, it has a suite of tools related to Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Website Audits, Social Media Analysis & Analytics Integrations. The best part is that it's the cheapest option available because there are no monthly subscriptions and it's pay-as-you-go.
    Directory Maximizer - Kick-start your link building with some quality directory links.
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    SEMRUSH -- is my personal favorite by far.

    Lots of great data within this tool and it's fairly cheap to use.

    Andrew Gazdecki - CEO at Bizness Apps, Inc.

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    More tools you can Choice: (For synonyms of niche)
    Thanks to all member of WARRIOR
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      Originally Posted by masudmim View Post

      More tools you can Choice: (For synonyms of niche)
      Thanks to all member of WARRIOR
      Welcome masudmim, I'll update in the next version.
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    I am using Some best SEO tools :
    Google Analytics
    Google Webmaster
    Keyword Planner
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    Ahrefs is free again! But it requires credit card. Any solution to that?
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      Originally Posted by sreejanniyogi View Post

      Ahrefs is free again! But it requires credit card. Any solution to that?
      Put in your credit card? Without looking though be cautious, it could be a trial and automatically begins charging you after 30 days or whatever.

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      Originally Posted by sreejanniyogi View Post

      Ahrefs is free again! But it requires credit card. Any solution to that?
      You don't have credit card? How about Payoneer. Did you try that?
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    Ahref, buzzsumo, hootsuite for social and GA and gostats for analytics
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    Don't forget Local SEO
    Moz Local
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    Some that I've been using lately

    - Checking to see just how "Shared" a host/ server is -->
    - AMP validator
    - Good AMP code examples -
    - Structured Data testing tool -
    - Google Sheets - can do tons of useful things - I'm currently auditing backlinks - merging data from AHREFs, Majestic, SEMRush, Google Search Console, and Screaming Frog

    (BTW, this is my first post here - looking fwd to learning/ sharing)
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    I am mainly used Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner, YoatSeo, Moz, Ahfers free 2 week,
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    Awesome list, thank you so much for sharing.

    I'd like to mention the plug-in Smush.


    Helps compress image files to increase your site speed. Free of course.

    Google is placing an increased emphasis on site speed. Especially since speed is so important on mobile.

    Anything that can help your site load faster is always helpful.
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  • another great one is
    it lists (for free) expired domains with great backlinks profile - links from CNN, Harvard, Slate and so on.
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    Everything has been already mentioned. You guys can added "Google Related Searches". I usually use them to get data for "long tail keywords". Reven seo tool is also good but free to some extend. KK star rating plugin for "rating stars" in SERP rich snippet .
    Market Research, B2B Lead Gen, Outreach, Appointment Setting, and Business Dev
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