Some help with 301 redirects from HTTP site to HTTPS site

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Hi there,

I hope this is posted in the right section.

This might be a little complicated to explain, so please bear with me.

My old HTTP website had 400+ redirects on the .htaccess file, and 65 live HTTP URLs.

My new website is going to be HTTPS and with renamed URLs, do I:

Copy the old HTTP redirects to the new .htaccess file with no changes i.e. HTTP to HTTP, and then add the 65 new redirects as HTTP to HTTPS? or do I:

Delete the old or obsolete redirects and only add the 65 HTTP to HTTPS ones to the new site .htaccess file.

Is there an alternative?

Also, how do I discern if a redirect is obsolete?

Secondly, I had a list of banned IPs on my old .htaccess file, is it worth transferring it to the new .htaccess file or is it pretty much useless? I get conflicting advice on whether they serve any purpose when trying to prevent hacking.

Many thanks in advance, Baz.
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  • I think first option is still ok, but you must make sure old HTTP redirects have no more than 3 chain redirects and all redirects is 301.
    I recomended you copy the old HTTP redirects to the new .htaccess file with changes i.e. HTTP to HTTPS or final url
    dont delete the old or obsolete redirects, maybe that url have good backlink
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