How to create Reciprocal link Url fr directory Listings

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My fellow forum members. Being a newbie in this forum, please reply me any experienced friend about-

""Manual submit my website to the numerous web directories online but I have one problem. Most of them ask for a reciprocal link on my site.

Now I am not adverse to that, but how do I put all these back-links to web directories without create of my sites reciprocal links after adding html code of that site in my wordpress blog. How Do I create a link url of my site how in my site I shall embed said directories reciprocal html url in my site? and place all the links there? how you find your site reciprocal url to put it there in said directory listing form?

I'm sure that some of you had the same problem, how did you handle it?
sorry for asking whether i did not find exact step by step details neither in search or in youtube also.
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    First, I would not do reciprocal linking with directories. If you want to do that, simply do as arnego2 suggested and put a link to that page in your footer.
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    you should do on a separate page and maybe set it to noindex, that way you will not be sending out link juice to sites that are probably not relevant.
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