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One of my client wants me to change his business address in the map showing on his website here -

Contact Us | EnaByte

as business is moved, and correct address is already written on page but how to update that on map integrated here on site.

i went to google and suggest edit and updated address but nothing happened.

Please advice.

Thanks & Regards
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    To edit the address, use the same gmail id which has been used to create google business if you want to see the updated result instantly. If you are using another gmail id, then your edit suggestions will go under moderation process and you will see updated results once your changes are verified and approved. (if may take days or even weeks)
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      Originally Posted by Ali Hader View Post

      Go to your Google my business page you can edit over there. and changes can take time to update around a week.
      not just a week but on my last edit takes a month after seeing the changes.
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    You also need to update all the citations the business has with the new address and anything else that has changed.

    You should also search the new address (and phone if that has changed) and try and edit any directories showing another business at that address or associated with the new phone number.

    It can be a real pain when a business moves if they have tons of citations and directory listings.
    Accurate NAP is really important.

    Before I do any major citation/directory work for clients, I always warn them that moving or changing the phone number in the future will be a real expensive pain.
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    You need to change it on your Google Business Listing and need to wait for the email with code to approve it.

    you need to copy co ordinates from Google Maps. First Put that address on Google and search it on MAPs and right click and get co ordinates and put it on your website Map plugin.

    btw changing address cause so Much trouble for SEO if your business is already listed as previous address. and so Much wrong NAP citations. you better find and eliminate those wrong NAPs also.
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