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My website has disappeared from Google, probably because I made the transfer from HTTP to HTTPS improperly (I did not redirect)
After some thought, I decided to back him two months ago and to return the site to HTPPT

I can see that Google has been indexing the entire site with HTTPS and HTTP course he has been with the index in the past (when I look for the site with the command site: HTTP with HTTPS and I find all pages of the site)

I've got two questions:

I've got two questions:

1. Is it a matter of time before Google will understand that I returned the site to HTTP, and just let time take its course, or is preferable to redirect the site from HTTPS to HTTP?

2. When I Search the site in google with the command "SITE" I get in the search results first internal address of the site, which listed "Index of" what it says about the site?

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