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Hey to everyone guys, I know, you'll read the title and think I'm a newbie, that it takes some time for Google to change description, title, etc and show it on the SERPS, but this is frigging weird!!

I updated my web a couple of weeks ago, upload a sitemap, robots.txt file, etc. Google was indexing my site and new meta data (titles and descriptions) super fast. Today, I checked my web on Google, (keyword = my website name, just a brand name) and I notice that Google is showing my "old" meta descriptions and title. Even though Google had already indexed my "new" ones, and the "old" ones are not even on my website anymore. Any idea whats causing this? I use Wordpress and the Yoast plugin.

The only thing I'm just thinking about is about some blocked resources on the webmaster tools. I attach an image here below. I already changed my robots.txt so this is not blocked anymore, I hope this is the problem, but I'm kinda clueless on this one.

PS: sorry if my English sounds weird, I'm form Argentina.
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