Three methods of traffic generation to better your SEO

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First of all, in this article you will learn about traffic generation methods, which has the advantage of bettering your of page SEO (search engine optimization).
Traffic generation
The traffic generation methods you will learn about:

  • Social bookmarking.
  • Article distribution.
  • Press releases.
1. Social bookmarking traffic generation.

This is web 2.0 sites which can bring surges of traffic to your site if their site becomes popular.
StumbleUpon has reached high popularity. You make use of a toolbar to vote on sites that you visit. They also have a Stumble button which will take you to a page they determined fitting for you, based on your history of choices.
At Digg you submit your articles. The more votes your article gets and the faster the votes is cast the higher your articles will rank. If your articles gets shown on the front page, you will receive a huge amount of traffic.
A word of warning: If you just submit articles to these site and vote on your own artcles, for traffic generation, you will be seen as a spammer. So do make effort to vote on some other subscribers articles.
To conclude here is a list of some good bookmarking sites:
  • Bibsonomy.
  • Citeulike.
  • Delicious.
  • Digg.
  • Diigo.
  • Newsvine.
  • Pearltrees.
  • Pinterest.
2. Article Distribution traffic generation.

You might have search for articles you can add to your site for free. Chances are that you came across article directories. So why on earth would someone give away articles for free? The answer is: To get traffic to their own sites.
The publisher site gains a lot of articles to his site. The writer can add a resource box to his articles, which most of the time includes a link to his site. The writer thus gains traffic to his site.
Of course if you use one of these articles on your site, you are required not to make any modifications. Thus meaning example that you must keep the original authors links. And visa versa, if someone uses your articles. Therefore it will bring traffic to your site.
To give your articles away creates one way links to your site from relevant sites. Thus it not only brings you traffic, but it also helps in your back link building efforts.
To conclude here is a list of good article distribution sites:
  • Seekingalpha.
  • ComHubpages.
  • ComEzinearticles.
  • ComBuzzle.
  • ComBrighthub.
  • ComArticlesbase.
  • ComSelfgrowth.Com
3. Press releases traffic generation.

Press releases are written with a bit of a bias to promote the featured business or event, but in a fashion similar to a news story. Thus it provides an easy way for you to get the word out about your site, product or service.
A press release online will include a link to your site. Thus you will receive traffic to your site. Furthermore this link will stand in the search engines as a high authority back link to your site, because most press release sites rank very high.
To conclude here is a list of the top high page rank dofollow press release sites:
  • 247 Press.
  • A Freego.
  • Absolute Arts.
  • Aiim.
  • Aspen Daily News.
  • Beta News.
  • Business Portal.
  • Calameo.
  • Daily Chronicle.
  • Directions Mag.
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    Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a little web 2.0 site was born. It was named Squidoo. Squidoo grew and grew and grew and everyone was happy. Till internet marketing wannabees found out they could get a link from it. Squidoo kept growing, but not everyone was happy.

    The unhappiest of all was Google, who started to think about unleashing mean, mean animals upon squidoo and and other such wonderful sites (from an SEO point of view).

    One day, Google did just that, it unleashed Pandas and Penguins and squidoo almost instantly stopped growing, then started to shrink, then was gobbled up by hubpages.

    RIP; Squidoo is dead, long live HubPages.

    So, OP how is someone going to get traffic from squidoo, when squidoo doesn't exist?

    If you'd have posted this in 2009, you'd have been right (except the part where you think that traffic increase improves SEO). Now, you're just spamming this forum with useless sentences.
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    Here’s are some simple methods that you might be overlooking:
    1) Be Engaged On Social Media Platforms
    2) pull traffic from Interactive And Informational Videos use (youtube)
    3) Interact With Users From The Community Through Comments On Authority Sites
    4) get traffic through Q&A websites
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