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Hey guys,

I have a quick SEO question guys - I've seen people do all kinds of weird things with link spamming and other black hat methods to try and inflate their backlinks and get better page rankings. I've also seen people doing link exchange or link purchases with PR2 or PR3 blogs and websites, and get some results with page rank as well.

I've heard of people that actually go for high PR links at major websites, but never done that myself or known anyone personally that was successful at getting links in that manner. My question is which method is actually the best - should you go for a large amount of medium PR links, spam links or work on getting the highest level backlinks?

Obviously getting links from major authority sites is the best, but what kind of investment is actually required to get those links and is it worth the risk that your project ultimately won't work out after you spend that money? Is the best way to get a great link simply by producing great quality content?

Any insight into the above would be much appreciated.
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    Good question. Obviously go for quality links over any quantity of spammy links that can actually hurt your ranking rather than help it and even with good links you're still going to need good content. Google looks at customer experience which means content and engagement. Why would you even have good back links if you don't have quality content, unless you've bought them?

    As far as buying quality links though I guess it is always a risk and like everything else in this business you've just got to test it out and see if it works for you.
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    If you can write high quality articles you can often get spotlighted on major websites in your niche without having to spend a lot of money. There are many websites in almost every niche which accept guest posts on their blogs and sometimes you can even find sites that will pay for articles.

    It will take a considerable amount of time to write the kind of high quality content these websites are looking for--how much time depends on your writing speed and how much research you have to do for each one--but it's definitely worth it.

    Spending some money on advertisements or sponsored posts is also a good idea, but guest posts/articles tend to get more traction than ads anyway. These links are more likely to appear completely genuine to Google's algorithms.

    Even one high quality article with a backlink to your website posted on a major influencer's blog each month will give you a significant SEO boost.

    Another great way to get backlinks from major influencers in a much shorter period of time is to compile a reference article listing 30+ articles by major influencers. Send each of these influencers a link mentioning that they're in your article and they'll often link to it on their social media as a way to say thank you. These big posts are also more likely to get backlinks from readers.
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    Think quality, not quantity.. one high quality article is better than 1000 spammy links. Creating high quality content means creating value to keep your audience engaged. You can also do publish press release if necessary to increase your brand awareness. Build your backlinks carefully and meet Google guidelines. Do not buy 1000++ backlinks for $5 or you will kill your self. Beware of Penguin updates!

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    There's no thinking quality links always comes first if you are building a long term authority website then always go for quality links.

    But if you are building churn and burn or event sites then quantity will also work.
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    Originally Posted by gpacx View Post

    Obviously getting links from major authority sites is the best, but what kind of investment is actually required to get those links and is it worth the risk that your project ultimately won't work out after you spend that money? Is the best way to get a great link simply by producing great quality content?

    Any insight into the above would be much appreciated.
    Any day, anytime i will go for quality over quantity because that's the right way to go. Any other thing might hurt your ranking or do you no good.

    In terms of the investment, quality SEO cost thousands of dollars and aside from the amount needed to fund it, you need to have the technical know how.
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    Quality Links only gives top position rather than quantity.
    Quality links are High PR sites
    To get Quality Link - Create a Creative Content
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    How is this even a question...

    You need to get high quality links these days, forget about low to medium quality links completely.

    Getting the high quality links is not hard, you just need to be persistent like everything else in life. Stop cutting corners.
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    You should always put a habit of doing quality works because quality always show better result.
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    I think that better have 1 link from good source relevant to your web site then 10 links from non-relevant source. Also I think that links should be natural, to exclude being considered as spam links by SE.
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    Its now time to accept the new SEO golden rule: Quantity alone is unacceptable. Quality is what you should be able take your new found knowledge and crush the competition.
    Just one link from a widely read news website, a popular blog, or another high quality resource can provide as much value as a hundred links from other sources.
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    Get a few very high quality links and the clouds will part and the sun will beam down on you.
    Of course you have to have site worthy of putting the time and/or $ into getting the links.

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    Now the days are gone when quantity matters over quality.
    Now it is time to build quality backlinks with niche related.
    Relevancy is the biggest factor which helps in improving your rank quickly.
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    can be like banging your head against a brick wall with some
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    Quality over quantity any day. Unless you have a large quantity of quality links!

    1 awesome backlink will beat 100 lesser quality backlinks.

    Make sure it is completely related to your niche as well and don't forgot to mix up your anchor text diversity.
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