How to Create 500 Unique Backlinks In a Month?

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I have a real estate portal and I want to create 500 unique backlinks for my site. Can anybody help me how I can achieve the results? As well as I would also like to know from which sites I should take links and which sites should be ignored.
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    Backlinks that comes from high authority sites are only helpful to increase the rank of any website & the traffic towards it. The more you seems to be engaging & interesting through your backinks, the more your website can generate customers for it.

    You must know who are your audience & what they are looking for. Serve them the way they are looking for. It will help you to generate quality backlinks rather than low quality ones.
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    10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website :

    1. The broken-link building method
    2. Backlinks through infographics
    3. The advantage of guest articles
    4. Spy on your competitors.
    5. Build internal links.
    6. Promote your content.
    7. Write testimonials.
    8. Contact journalists and important bloggers.
    9. Donate.
    10. Get interviewed.
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    First try to find google page rank website must real estate site . It is better to create inbound outbound link from ranking real estate site.
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    select some high Pr social bookmarking sites and get start building backlinks with quality andintetesting content it will definitely reach to your target
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    Quantity not equal quality, so being on your place I'd focus on quality. Just find high ranked your niche websites where you can build good backlinks, social media websites and so on...
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    Blog comment is the great way to get 500 backlinks per month. You can find high quality website and make comment link to your website
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      just asking as well as I need to know does the the linking building with site that have a high pr really work these days ???

      Start Building your blog now at

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    For sure spammy sites should be ignored you should always look for the counts of outbound links going out from the page from where you are going to take links.

    For creating backlinks there are many things that you can do like Blog comments, Forum linkbuilding, and many more link building methods are over internet and above this reply.
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    Maybe look up scrapebox or easybacklinks
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    Why do you need to build '500' links? That doesnt guarantee anything!
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    Unless links are on spammy sites i don't see any harm in setting targets. Yes, quality of links matters the most but you can't wait for getting some quality links, in my opinion just try and continue getting backlinks where ever you can ensure that they are not from a low quality site (which'll do more harm than good).

    Coming onto the how? part - start with finding do-follow links on same niche blogs and forums, contact influencers in your niche (if possible give them a free demo, do blog comments, article submissions etc. even no-follow links from high authority sites help.

    Set your objective is to participate and positively contribute.
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    Blogging is the best way to get 500 unique backlinks. Blog commenting & Blog posting both are important for getting quality backlinks. Forum posting is also a good technique to create unique backlinks.
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    After one year of creating Stream SEO, I’ve built around 4,100 backlinks (verified with Majestic SEO) and I have a few articles positioned in the first page of Google already. Some of them are even on the first 3 results shown, and those are bringing me a good chunk of traffic now.
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    Originally Posted by fourrwalls View Post

    I have a real estate portal and I want to create 500 unique backlinks for my site.
    Targeting tons of links in a month for the website is a clear intention of manipulation in which mostly related to low quality sites.
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