How Long Has Your "Google Dance" lasted for?

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Lets all chip in and say how long we have seen our site drop in rankings when we started to build links.

How long did it take for your site to bounce back?

The shortest I have had is 3 days, the longest is 21 and counting....
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    depends on the niche that I'm optimizing for and the amount links that i build - in my experience it is about the first 6-8 months but you should continue with a good SEO system and build cool links, then you will get out of that and rank high
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    I've never been filter more than 4 weeks. If your site did filtered by Google, just keep building High PR links, it should be back very soon

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    Anyone else have any input?
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    It's varied with me. Two of my niche sites did "the dance" for 3-4 days.

    One of my other ones, which is around two weeks old, still hasn't really been ranked yet (it's on page 5-6 despite having quite strong, indexed backlinks already).

    Another of mine - one with all quality content and again strong backlinks - took 5 days to get indexed, and then went to page 10 and hasn't moved in the past couple of days.

    So I think it varies, but anything from a few days to a few weeks seems fair.
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    I had a new site sandboxed - totally original content, popular health topic, much seo done - yet to my surprise today I find it on page 1 of google for the main keyword. To tell the truth I thought this is a dud and was prepared to move on. A blitz of links seemed to have shifted it.
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    Thanks for this post. I was ranking top 20 in a BUNCH of keywords and all of them have been in the 50-70 range Since the 29th of August. Bout to sit down and do some link building and I PRAY they get back to normal...
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