Keywords disappearing and appearing from Google - is this normal?

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been back here. I took some time off building websites as I got myself a new job but I'm back building sites again.

Just so you know, I've previously built niche sites in the past and had success but I've been out the game a we while and I'm wondering why my keywords are disappearing and coming back.

I have a new website which is just over 2 months old with only 2 links as I've not started my link building campaign yet.

At the moment I'm focusing on High Quality Content. Heres the stats below:

Site age: 66 days old
Number of articles: 46
Length of articles: 1,200+ - All Unique
Backlinks 2 - 1 blog comment - 1 High PR Directory
Google Analytics details: 3,780 impressions and increasing over the last 28 days.
All keywords are longtail and very low competition.

I have a lot of keywords ranked on page 2,3,4,5 which I think is fantastic since the site is very new with no DA and I know from previous experience a lot of these keywords will be page 1 in a number of months but I'm not sure why some of my keywords/articles are disappearing and then reappearing again while other keywords/ articles are ranking better at times.

Is this the sandbox effect or something?

Thanks for all your help and advice in advanced.

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    Pretty normal I would say, if the site is newly registered like yours
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    Yeah, that's what I thought too, makes me wonder if there really is a sandbox effect.
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    Dont worry its normal and usually calls as google dance. Google moves you up and see if you are appropriate for that position or not same goes for other websites also.
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