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Hi, I have tested this traffic exchange

I know that traffic exchange is just a crap... it will NEVER do any good with SEO or anything favor to your site

But, this Traffic exchange sending traffic by masking/hiding under "" its a google custom search engine

I even analyze its traffic using "Google Analytics" It appears this way

1. Its showing traffic from "Referral site"
2. Its every traffic is unique
3. Its traffic from different countries around the world

Now, my question is "Should I use it?" or again Its just another crap???
  • I am no traffic master however I do know your far better focusing on your page and content then using these things...

    More likely to harm your site than anything
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    I am sorry you found out the hard way. there are tons of bot networks. What are your goals for the traffic?
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    No I am focusing on my page & content as well... I have a big plan on Facebook page & others network marketing promotion for my site as well... but i will able to start it at least 7-8month from now

    In the mean time as my site is new & no rank at all... I was just curious about these traffics...I know these traffic wont give me any sales at all.... just a little start up push may be??

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    It's just crap!

    You say from around the world? Yes tier 2 and tier 3 traffic which is very bad quality!

    Stay away
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