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so I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and took action I just started up a niche site. I am promoting a low-gravity ClickBank product. I carefully chose a handful of low competition and low- search volume keywords. Now I do understand how important it is to have a lot of good content on my site. But overall I am wondering if guest blogging would be good enough for backlinks.
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    Guest blogging is definitely a great way to get quality backlinks. Your link profile should be diverse, however, and contain a mix of different kinds of links.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      Guest blogging is definitely a great way to get quality backlinks. Your link profile should be diverse, however, and contain a mix of different kinds of links.
      Guest blogging is a small part of the puzzle. You really have to go all out these days in order to get traffic to your sites.

      Unless your niche is not competitive, you have to get many quality links to your site, especially if it is new.

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    It's a good start because it will force you to write better content for your site. Don't stop there. Find sites with readers who would be interested in your product, ie new moms + healthy nursing tips, etc and comment on them. Stay on topic, but show that you know what you're writing about.

    The older the sites you find, the better. Use Whois to find the domain age of the sites you find.

    A site that has been online 5 years, updated once a week and has a "subscribe" button is better than one started last month with 500 FB Likes. Remember, no matter what else the search engines do - longevity matters for backlinking.

    "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating" ~ Oscar Wilde

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    I think guest blogging not only helps you with your ranking, but a popular blog is free traffic that a new blog can hardly get on its own so quickly.
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    Guest blogging is most effective technique no doubt, but regular blog sites is much more effective because they give us regular backlinks for our website. While guest blog gives quality backlinks to boost up our rank on search engine. Guest blog is totally based on theme and category and if we post normal blog on daily it will help more than guest blogging.
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  • Yes, guest blogging is an excellent strategy to build high quality back-links but it is one the most difficult to implement as getting back-links isn't that easy as it sounds.
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    Guest blogging is still highly effective but only if you manually outreach to the blog that is related to your niche, popular and will drive real referral traffic.
    If you're doing mass guest blogging, then it might be just submitting to a PBN and in that case it might not be that effective.
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    Guest blogging is a good option to generate organic traffic.
    It will help you to get high quality traffic.
    Major advantage of guest blogging is that it helps you build your domain name and search engine authority.
    It Helps Develop Your Authority.
    It will help you improve your writing.
    It will increase your exposure and brand awareness.
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      How many times a day can I guest blog without getting penalize seems like you can get penalized for anything by Google these days
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    Yes, There are still thousands of high-profile blogs that accept and appropriately promote guest posts. If you submit
    high-quality content, give their readers real value for the time they spend consuming the content, and go into it
    with the right expectations, guest blogging can do wonders for your thought leadership and inbound marketing efforts.
    Guest blogging is still an effective tactic.
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    Guest blogging is one of the finest technique to generate genuine traffic on a website. It helps to attain immense traffic through the contents you posted in the high authority sites. It is wonderful technique to upsurge the rank of a website in Google search engine easily. It generates quality backlink for a website.
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    According to me yes, Guest blog posting is one of the best activity to increase traffic, it build your domain authority, and Qualitative Backlinks for your website
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    Guest blogging is one of the finest techniques that helps to build a quality backlink & to generate huge traffic for a site as well. A guest blog contains engaging content which has the quality to interact with the readers of the blog & to understand what they are looking for & how they wants to read the content related to different topics.
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    Guest Blogging is a way to get free visibility and traffic to your site and content articles. Guest Blogging has turned into a very preferred method for bloggers to obtain name presently. To be an excellent Guest Blogger you have to set goals and work hard to offer the best results each time.
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    Guest blogging obviously helps you to get more traffic by link building but its not mean that you should ignore all the other SEO activities.
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    Guest Blogging one of the best techniques in Off Page SEO. Readers come to your site through your link, cause they want to read more about your post. So you'll get more unique and targeted traffic.
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