How to get natural traffic?

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Hello all,

i am newbie SEO

can someone of you share me to get high traffic with natural way?
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    1) Create a blog and try to add at least 3 posts per week.
    2) Create some new link bait pages that serve as a source for attracting natural backlinks.
    3) Think of titles that can attract audience. Instead of writing “SEO Strategy For Newbies.
    4) Always plan your content before writing. Not all content has the power to attract eyeballs.

    5) 5) Content that really understands the user intent and presents some actionable advice that surely helps the end user will allow to skyrocket your traffic.
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    Nice content with god internal linking structure and good amount of quality link building will surely helps you.
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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    That’s good you are looking for organic ways to increase website traffics. The main source of traffic is your website content and content promotion to other channels. Improve and update that content that can give you high traffic. Identify under-performing content from blog or service pages. Republish content with helpful information and visuals. Take help of social media networks and highly authoritative social bookmarking platforms to promote your content.
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    I would like to suggest to go for search engine optimization because that is the most cost effective way of improving traffic to the website, but than again it totally depends on what category your website lies in.

    For Search Engine Optimization keep the following in mind,

    *Your website should be in line with Google's Guidlines and Policies
    *All your onpage elements should be optimized with suitable targeted keywords in the most natural way possible.
    *Never force a keyword on an irrelevant page, chances are that you won't get any rankings for such keywords
    *keep the content nice and simple with as much graphical illustration as possible. GUI is always considered to be a strong factor, because at the end of the day, it is the common user who is to benefit from your content. Make it user friendly.
    *Generate the best engaging campaigns on social media & off-line marketing platforms for your website.

    Do all of the mentioned above and see your traffic gets a boost in not more than 6 months.

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    Social bookmarking sites (mixed nofollow with dofollow) are the way to go.
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    You should remember that in SEO Content is the King.
    First, you should build a good content, value articles/posts that satisy customers (readers). It may take about 1 -2 months and 50 - 60 posts.
    Also in that time, you keep study about SEO skill and pratice to On-page optimizing for being friendly with Google system.
    Then, you do Off-page SEO by PR your page on social network, others sites and forums and leave your link back to site on PR articles.
    Keep all working and your traffic will improve day by day!
    Good luck!
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    You could start by editing your post and put your link? haha
    I find Google Adwords pretty good if you can spend just a little to try it.
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    thank you all for the answers
    I feel the knowledge of SEO so deep and varied
    must learn and learn
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  • Oh it's easy. Just create a blog and post your 3 article every week. And also creat some good backlink. I think you will get natural traffic.
    Advertising Profits From Home by Anthony Morrison available on amazon.
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    Blog Posting/Commenting. Guest Posting, and forum posting. It hepls to get organic traffic on your site.
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    In order to get your website natural traffic, I would suggest you to learn and research about SEO, I think at first you need to learn from many famous and largest websites about SEO, SEM such as: Searchengineland. com, Searchenginewatch. com, Searchenginejournal. com, Moz. com,...they're all giving free basic SEO, SEM techniques and courses that you can follow up and practice as well. After that, you should apply these techniques on your own website with your domain and hosting, try your best to practical daily as much as possible.

    I believe that you can get the archive after some months you try hard.

    Good luck to you,
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    Here are a few tips and tricks i recommend to increase organic traffic to your website:

    1.Perform Keyword Research: Before getting started, you need to make sure you know your personas and topics you want to rank for. It's best to start with a list of about 5-10 topics that fit your niche, then use those topics to later come up with specific keywords.

    2.Optimize your website: Once you've established your list of keywords you plan to target, you're ready to begin optimizing your website. Be sure to put your content is in a language that search engines and your target audience can understand. Use your list of keywords on your homepage, header tags, meta-description and in the URL of pages throughout your website. Be sure to avoid "keyword-stuffing" while keeping your website organized and easy to navigate.

    3.Use long tail keywords: Short, key-phases such as "marketing agency" have become too broad and competitive as the market grows. Instead, you should focus on long-tail key phrases that are tailored to your product or service. For example, you could try something more specific such as "marketing agency in Seattle Washington" or "inbound marketing agency in Los Angeles". Studies show long-tail key phrases are driving results due to greater relevancy and less competition.

    4.Get social: Social recommendation has quickly become one of the best ways to promote your content and attract visitors to your website. Google understands the importance of social presence and is taking social media as a great signal to rank content. Make sure you are providing social sharing links on your blog posts and are frequently updating your social accounts with new, relevant information to attract visitors.

    5.Blog often: Use a blog to attract and teach your visitors. A blog is a great opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry. Search engines love frequently updated websites - so make sure you keep on a blogging schedule and post regularly! More importantly, users love it too. A site that's consistently updated will tell your audience you're serious about providing good content, which gives them a reason to invest their time on your site and continue coming back.
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    Hello Guys!
    Can you help me that, how can we perform seo on any website and how can get ranked our keywords.
    What are the new strategy to get keywords ranked?
    what kind of strategy we can perform in SEO.

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    To get traffic in a natural way are as follows:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Emails
    4. You tube ad
    5. Search engine submission

    last but not least mouth marketing which is the pure way of getting real traffic
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    Nice content with good internal linking design and good amount of quality link building will surely help you.
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    In order to get the natural traffic on website. they are looking for good organic ways to increase website traffics. The source of traffic is mainly from our website content and content promotion to other channels. To Improve the update and content that can given to high traffic. we can observe the under-performing content from blog or service pages.
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    First you need to complete On Page SEO on your site/blog
    then u need to Start working on Off Page SEO so that you can get natural traffic on that.
    You can find the ON/OFF page techniques on Google


    Originally Posted by benyemc View Post

    Hello all,

    i am newbie SEO

    can someone of you share me to get high traffic with natural way?
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    Nice to meet you, i read your question. You wanted natural traffic from you website. You can go with Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, flickr, yelp and email marketing etc share your post. In my experience or i believe you will get a lot of traffic.
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    Follow the White Hat SEO techniques which includes:

    1. QnA
    2. Social Bookmarking
    3. Guest Posting
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Blog Posting
    6. Article Submission
    7. PBN

    All these SEO OFF Page task can abet you to generate genuine traffic towards your website within a specific time. Be sure your contents are of high quality & engaging so that its readers can find interest in reading it.
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    How can i get natural traffic to my website?
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    Do guest blogging
    Do social bookmarking
    Do blog commenting
    Write blog posts targeting long tail keywords
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    Organic traffic (Search traffic) is the best traffic for your blog or business.. as it sends you most targeted traffic.
    There are various things which you can do to get organic traffic
    1.Make Search engine easily access your blog
    2.Write content that search engine understand
    3.Link building It works as a trust vote
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    If you want to get natural traffic to your website; first pay attention on unique high quality content. Here you should require lengthy content and provide information and solutions to the users. Target your keyword in a natural way do not over stuff only target required keyword and its praises. Go to high Domain Authorities websites like guest blogging and its related websites which have your topics or business related category. And apply to the guest contributors and recommend to post.

    After your post successfully displayed in the high authority website then you share it in the social media profiles and other micro blogging websites.
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  • Publish your own original and good content. Make sure that you do your research when it comes to your site's content. You need to make sure that the content you publish is not just great information but information that your audience needs/wants.
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    The simplest way to get traffic is blogging of a website. Make a blog and do social bookmarking of the URL which you want to target. Blog drives much more traffic as compare to any other technique.
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  • Getting Organic traffic from google needs few months (To rank high in SERP). Until you can concentrate on Social media's. Social media's are the great source to provide targeted traffic.

    Facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest are the best traffic source. If you want to get adult-related traffic then you can concentrate on twitter and tumblr
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    There are some great off-page SEO techniques by which you can get high traffic in a natural way. One of them is blog posting. You can create attractive title, engaging content witch relevant and interesting images and short paragraphs, post to good blog submission sites like and article submission sites like You can also share the links to your blog/article posts in relevant community/groups on social media to get huge traffic of like-minded audience.
    The theory is that you have to promote your website on relevant sites which has huge traffic. People will reach your site through it. It may be social media platforms like facebook and twitter; famous social bookmarking websites like and; great image sharing sites like and Instagram, etc. Focus on quality backlinks over quantity of backlinks, that is it.
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    Hi, I am new to Digital Marketing. Totally a fresher I mean. I have been working as SEO executive trainee from past month. As far as I have learned till now I would like to share with you. You see, every website has a basic purpose, to attract more traffic as much as possible.Off page SEO is the beginner step in Digital marketing. You need to do Social Bookmarking(SBM), Search Engine Submission(SES),Community Sharing, Image sharing. The sole objective is gain quality backlinks which increases traffic.
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    You can Explain Your targeted service and more importantly faithfully to create a whiteboard video that will help you to get more views and you can get more natural traffic for your is more effective and simple to explained your business policy.
    i can help you to create a whiteboard video.visit my link
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    Natural Traffic can be achieved by....
    Publish Blogs
    Active on Social Media and Forums
    Promote your content on High Domain Authority websites like Digg, Diggo, Stumbleupon, reddit
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    Create "natural" content.

    If you're doing anything with Google in mind, you're doing it wrong.

    Create 10x content that invokes an emotional response and as said above, resonates with your readers.

    You can expedite this process somewhat by using Buzzsumo to reverse engineer your competitors to identify proven content.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    The best way to get traffic to your blog is through search engine. It involves keyword research and content
    creation. If you're aware of the SEO basics, GO FOR IT.
    You can get natural traffic by doing Search Enigine optimization of your blog or by doing social media marketing of your website on multiple social media
    platform. These are the common and best way to get natural traffic.
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    Build presence in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. This helps to get your name out & traffic from internet.
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    First of all do a good job of seo onpage then learn techniques to make a good sepage offpage...
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    You can used social network, blog, forum, video page to up your articles to promote your product
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    IF you want to build a good customer base of your website & a long term relation with your customers, then you must follow White Hat Technique of SEO. It will definitely help you to build genuine customers by following natural means. The legal ways of engaging online viewers towards a website through White Hat technique is what helpful in generating good ranking in search engines.
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    You can write a blog or an article with pure and informatic content. If your content is good and user satisfaction ratio is high then it definitely gets high ranking in SERPs. So by this, you can get daily natural traffic to your website.

    AmarInfotech is an iPhone application development company in India which allows mobile app development for the global clients.

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