Biggest Challenge with Google Analytics

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QUESTION: What is your biggest challenge with Google Analytics?

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    What is yours



    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
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    Mine is understanding the dashboard and different tools after logging in.
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      Originally Posted by Jacob Jacobson View Post

      Mine is understanding the dashboard and different tools after logging in.
      Well for this one, all you need is

      Pretty simple.

      If your other problem is understanding the dashboard... Well, this was never a real discussion.
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  • Filtering bot traffic is definitely the most challenging thing in GA. Especially if you're purchasing ad network traffic and get at least 1k daily visits to your website. It gets tougher to track everything if you're working on larger scales.
    I also feel like GA could improve on the conversion optimization side and their "Content Experiments" section.
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    Right now the biggest challenge in Google Analytics is the traffic that is coming from Google Home App is calculating as Direct Traffic instead of Organic Traffic. I was happy to see that my Direct traffic number was increasing but then I found the actual reason behind it. Has anyone else noticed this type of traffic evaluation challenge?

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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    In addition to ghost traffic challenge, I think google doesn't share exact stats. Lots of 'not provided' and 'not set' traffic.
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