What is the difference between Exit Rate and Bounce Rate?

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If I take a look at their denotative meanings then both seems quite interchangeable. However, since I am new into SEO world and yet have to learn lot of technical terms. So I wonder what's the difference between them.
Are they same?
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    Bounce rate is the percentage of persons who landed on a page and immediately left. Bounces are always one page sessions.

    Exit rate is the percentage of people who left your website from that page. Exits may have viewed more than one page in a time. That means they may not have landed on that page, but simply found their way to it through site navigation.
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    Bounce Rate is the percentage of site visitors that visit a page on your website and do not visit any other pages.

    The Exit Rate on the other hand is the percentage of visitors who have left the page but would have previously visited other pages.
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    Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who are leaving from your website from the specific page.

    On the other hand, the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who had left from your site by just viewing only one page.
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      EriTay, by being on this forum, I do understand. However, to be honest why do I still feel that still my question needs some more details. As I am not sure that what should be the answer and what could be the difference between them.
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    Exit Rate of a page shows how often this page is being the last one visited in the session (when a user clicks through some of your pages and leaves the website from that particular one). Basically, if this is not presupposed by the specifics of the page - high exit rate may indicate that there`s nowhere obvious to go from that page (back or forth) as the navigation is poor, or there are no inviting links for users to follow further.

    Bounce Rate, in its turn, shows how often the page is being left at once (e.g. when a user clicks on a search result and clicks Back at once) - it is based only on sessions that start with that exact page. Again, in case it is NOT presupposed by the function of the page - this may mean that your page doesn`t look appealing, has some issues (bad navigation, unreadable mobile version, annoying pop-ups, pretty much anything) or simply doesn`t answer the search query it is ranking for.
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    This Google guide will surely help you https://support.google.com/analytics.../2525491?hl=en
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    I think your question has been answered by the responses so far, Just to take it a step further here is an article that after defines the two terms goes into what an ideal bounce rate for your site should be. Then it gives some tips on how to bring down your bounce rate, along with an informative video. Hope this helps. Metrics You Should Be Tracking (But You
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