John Mueller Puts An End To PBNs With This Recent Statement?

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John Mueller talks in depth about PBN building and how they combat it. Thoughts from any experts?

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    I would expect to see more of this kind of statement coming from google... Old vs new or bait vs actual content intent vs purpose.

    The major catch phrase for me is "... we need to understand that difference " and how would they do such a thing? they would vector the old vs the new - IE Rank Brain. ( #3 ranking signal ) This is big stuff... I would actually say this may be real big stuff.

    I'm personally not a fan of aged expired domains.. I am not going to say I don't own a few, but in terms of My PBN's not a one of my sites are expired domains. Just the fact that Google is a Registrar - they KNOW that a site has a new owner. I think the hang up may have been ( and still is ) whether or not they could actually use that data in their Algo.

    Rank Brain would be the next best thing. Comparing old content / intent of the site with the new build. I don't think even being close to topic is going to fair well... even as an example a site that sold watches before and now you are an amazon affiliate probably will not fair well - even tho you are affiliating watches... as much as the intent is the same... the level of commerce would be different.

    Just the idea that they could now use the registrar data to build a list of new old sites.. and then slap them into Rank Brain and process them offline, and then release a change to alter rank.. we will see but I think the scenario is way possible!
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