Using a .life domain name.

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I am starting an internet sales business. My friend came up with a catchy name, call it fzqnp345. (not the real name) I did an internet search and it was not found in a company site on the first two pages. The hits were from dictionarys defining the word. I tried to purchase the name for a few dollars but it was taken but not being used and the users want a dream price for the dot com name. So for a couple of dollars, I purchased, one of the new replacements of .com. My thoughts are when the site is built, Our group will post on the social medial sites and do other building activities to get the name out.

The name is somewhat obscure and when someone starts to type fzqnp345, I would anticipate our name to auto complete.

It is my understanding that search engines use key word weighting and popularity to select a site and the .life is not a deterrent. Is my thinking correct?
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