Should I file DMCA on this one?

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I have a backlink tracking software that notifies me when somebody gives me backlinks. Today, I found a TV station website that has copied my article and pictures word by word, but in the text it gives a backlink to another article on my website.

I am debating on whether I should file a DMCA takedown notice or let it go considering that this is a big website and their Facebook page has 9,367,492 likes.

What is best to do from an SEO traffic-wise standpoint? I doubt it will drive many visitors to my page as they copied the article in whole and all the info is already out there, but then if I file DMCA I would lose the backlink. If it helps any, my website is fairly new.
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    Let it go.

    Send them a nice email thanking them for their interest in your website/business/expertise (whatever is applicable). And offer them some additional "exclusive" content in exchange for another link back to your site.
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