PR/backlinks or keyword optimized? Which is weightier?

by AmyKay
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I'm sure there's no hard and fast rule to this, but in all your experiences, which carries more weight in the SERP's... the PR and backlinks of a page, or optimizing for the keyword?

Reason I ask... I have several keywords I'm researching. Market Sumarai shows the top ten competitors have high PR and lots of backlinks, they are well established sites. BUT they are NOT optimized for the keyword at ALL. I mean, NONE of them. In fact, allintitle: "keyword" results are 45.

Do I stand a chance with a simple blog if I get the keyword in the URL, description, title and header?

Thanks for your input and help!,
Amy Kay
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    Google the phrase: click here

    No quotes or anything. 1st page will be adobe and they don't have that phrase ANYPLACE on the page. That's all PR/Backlinks.

    PR(A) = (1-d) + d [ PR (t1)/C(t1) + PR (t2)/C (t2) +PR(ti)/C(ti)+ PR (tn)/C(tn)]
    The terms in the Page Rank algorithm are: PR (A) = Page Rank of web page A d= Damping factor usually equal to 0.85 ti = Pages linking to web page A ,where i = 0 to n C(ti) = number of out bound links on it

    SEO is only "So Good" in my opinion that Google seems to share as well.

    Of course I'm just a newbie around these parts that can't even get adsense to work so take what I have to say with a big huge grain of salt.
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    As you said, both are relevant. I would also add a third factor in, which is the anchor link text that others are using to link the websites that you're trying to beat.

    However, if they are not at all optimized on-site (title, meta description, and keywords) then you could ordinarily expect to not need to as many backlinks to outrank them.
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    Both are important. However I'd think PR and backlinks (and anchor text as mentioned by Mark) are more important than keywords.

    It's easier to control the keywords (and other on-page optimization factors) on your web pages but you can only influence (instead of control) the PR, backlinks and anchor text (and other off-page optimization factors).
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