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I'm looking to get my small business site up the rankings, i've done a lot with back links now i need some on page keyword work.

Can someone point me to a great - up to date - guide for on page SEO?

It for a wordpress site, i guess that not relevant tho. I can find myself around WP but im no SEO guru.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    I think before you did any back linking efforts, you should focus more on doing on-page seo for the pages you want to optimize. If you are using wordpress as hosting platform you might wanna install yoast plugin . For finding the right keywords you may want to look into your competitors chosen keywords and from there find the most relevant keywords for your business.
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    Why don't you go through the google search engine optimization guideline? If you search on google "on page seo factors" you will get a huge list.
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    An article was recently posted to our blog about achieving perfect on-page SEO - https://storecoach.com/perfect-on-page-seo
    BizSellers.com - The #1 place to buy & sell websites!
    We help sellers get the MAXIMUM amount for their websites and all buyers know that these sites are 100% vetted.
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    Hi, Fellow Aussie
    You can get a good post/page checklist here: http://tinyurl.com/zxdsvtx
    It seems like a bit of a process and you'll probably want to refine it as you go but
    as you get used to checking for these things I think you'll do it automatically.

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    Keyword research
    Meta tags and title
    Meta description
    Robots.txt file
    Sitemap generation
    Content development
    Image optimization
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    Hi Wayne,

    As you say you`re not a SEO guru I`d really recommend you to give WebsiteAuditor a try (if I`d be starting now - I`d probably start with it). Since you need to audit your site and focus on all things on-page - that might be a great fit, as it provides real full data (to compare - it covers all factors ScreamingFrog does), but in a more digestible way, so at first it can be a real helper to understand all the issues found, not just list the errors and warnings.

    In terms of tech issues of all sorts - it explains how you can possibly fix each, and why would you. For content optimization it analyzes competitors of your choice to provide helpful stats and page-specific recommendations.

    Why I actually thought of it at once - some time ago after some massive update they have provided a great detailed guide for the program, explaining most of on-page factors and ways to deal with them (some tips listed in the guide never occurred even to me before). Shortly speaking, hope that might be what you were looking for:

    65+ Ways To Use WebSite Auditor For On-Site SEO
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    What i dont get is how you can make everything on the page look like the keyword youre targetting without looking unrealistic. Including the url, H1 , H2 etc....it just looks strange.
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      Originally Posted by wbinst2 View Post

      What i dont get is how you can make everything on the page look like the keyword youre targetting without looking unrealistic. Including the url, H1 , H2 etc....it just looks strange.
      Well you obviously should avoid overstuffing, and focus on content looking natural. Basically, in case the page is on the topic indeed - it should look rather reasonable that the URL contains the related keyword (as URLs actually should be descriptive).

      With H-tags just try using a keyword corresponding to each specific paragraph under that heading (not just put any keyword in any heading). Also, try to support the keywords contextually, so that the whole piece of text would make sense, and to diversify their usage by mentioning the keywords as parts of long-tails for instance. While optimizing for search engines you should write the content for humans in the first place, so it`s always quality and readability over density stats.
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    Backlinko's OnPage Seo Guide is good to refer check that.
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    I suggest you to use All in one SEO tool for wordpress which will help you to do on page seo and activities like Keyword research, Meta tags and title, Meta description, Robots.txt file, Sitemap generation, Content development, Image optimization, etc.
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    i think you need to buy fiver service for seo purpose.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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    At this time Yoast SEO is better for ranking.

    Firstly you should chose Meta title not over 60 characters then write meta description not over 160 characters. After that you can research best keywords for your website but keywords are netter for ranking because now Google don't follow it. You should must unique content and use your keywords in your content. It's better for ranking if you use your title in your content between 100-150 words. Now Google follow Images Alt tag, so you much use it. You can also use external links about popular sites then you will get a benefit. You must be verify your website in major search engine and use verify code in your website. If you write 2000+ words content then it's better for ranking.
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    There are many good websites available and you need to make the most out of all of them. You just cant rely on one source.
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    MOZ's beginners guide and Alexa's blogs are very useful for effective on page and off page optimization.
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    Tools like SEO centro can help you in this. And also please concentrate on your content. Make a good content for your site, make these content accessible easily. Share your content in all social medias, these all are the quick and basic steps for SEO.
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    ON page SEO
    Use SEO-Friendly URLs.
    Avoid ugly URL.
    Start Title With Keyword.
    Add Modifiers To Your Title.
    Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag.
    Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags.
    Drop Keyword in First 100 Words.
    Use Responsive Design.
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