Top Secret - Squidoo Trick to Getting Highly Relevant Backlinks to your Website

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All my method, I've been using this recently and it's working well for me.

Step 1:
Create a lens on any niche you're currently promoting. Most of us link our Squidoo back to our money sites so make sure the lens has the same exact primary keyword as your money site.

Step 2:
Once you create the lens, begin to add more tags. Add as many relevant tags from your keyword list as your can. This is important.

Step 3:
Build your lens out. Squidoo will let you know what you need to change by running a Health Check. If you did everything right your lens will start to move up in rank.

Step 4:
Go to Squidaholic.c0m and enter your lens name uptop to see its stats. Scroll all the way down to....
The BuzzMeter

See the 5 most recent news items and blog posts for the keyword " Your Primary Keyword".

There are you blog links to comment on. These will be highly relevant to your lens and your site. Comment back to your lens so the linkjuice can be passed upward.

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