Can I submit one article to multiple Press Release Site?

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Hello Experts,

Need your opinions, I have written an article for Press Release Submission. Can I submit it to multiple Press Release site? Will it cause the duplicate content issue, if published on multiple Press Release platform? Also, how many times I can use my site link on the article so it won't look spam?

Thank you in advance: )
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    No dear, only one submit press release.
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    Press releases should only be used for current, breaking news events. They may bring immediate traffic but that traffic dies soon because new press releases replace yours and any SEO benefit at all is very short-lived when your press release disappears after being replaced.

    Because of that, it really doesn't matter at all if the content is the same. It won't be around on the web long enough to matter. Every major news organization has press releases of duplicate content all over the web. It does not affect their ranking.

    Bottom Line: If you are doing press releases for SEO, you need to come up with a better strategy. If you are doing them to announce something upcoming that you need to alert the public to, that's fine. Just don't count on them helping you long term.
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      Thank you so much, dave_hermansen and DABK for your valuable thoughts. It will help me to plan my new strategy
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    Yes, you can. Won't do you any good. Each press release site will tell you how many times they let you link to your site and from which part of the release. Duplicate content like what you find on press releases is called syndicated content and nobody, except a few idiots, has a problem with it. Google and other search engines are not among the 'few idiots.'
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    No you should provide unique article in each websites..You can post multiple sites with same article ..Then it will become spam..
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      Originally Posted by hariwebmaster View Post

      No you should provide unique article in each websites..You can post multiple sites with same article ..Then it will become spam..
      You have no idea what you are talking about. It is definitely not spam.

      That's how press releases work. It is the exact same article released to news and press release sites all over the world.

      If you are using free PR sites, you are wasting your time. They'll never get picked up by anything worthwhile. If you are going to release a press release, and have something newsworthy, use a service like PRWeb.

      SEO-wise, they are certainly good for branding. Anything else... it depends where the press release gets picked up really.
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    In my opinion, you can submit one article to multiple PR site.
    I think its okay, because you're paying for service and its pure white hat, its just like using adwords and other service at the same time.
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    Press releases are not used for SEO, they are useless in the long run. Some might say they are useless altogether because unless your product can potentially go viral right at the moment, your press release will most likely fall through. Quite risky and no guarantees. PR wesites will charge you and they may guarantee the releases will be published but will those articles be read? No one knows for sure. I wouldn't bother with that if I were you.
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    Its normal to submit a new content in multiple press release sites but the popularity has only short term duration. It will need consistency to regularly create new, talk about, interesting, unique event or announcement in your business.
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