Can one company have 2 websites?

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Hello there!!!

My company has a website and now the company is planning to build a new website for online shopping . unfortunaley both the new website and the old website sells the same product (the latter is not an online shopping site), except few.How does this affect seo? will it help if i use another contact information and email id and skip the physical location as it has only one physical location. How can i make this happen?
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    Why do you want a second website? You could integrate the online shop in the existing website.
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    Why don't you create a sub-domain and put your online shopping site in it. In this way it will be a different site but just under your main site.
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      Originally Posted by expmrb View Post

      Why don't you create a sub-domain and put your online shopping site in it. In this way it will be a different site but just under your main site.
      Follow the above. Just create a sub-domain and it will solve your problem.

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    Agreed, create a subdomain or subdirectory.
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    Yes they can have but best is to integrate them into a single website.
    But last decision is on yo.
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    A business can have as many websites as you choose to build for it! The only real limit in terms of what you want to do is time/effort. I'm a big advocate of creating niche websites for different areas of a business, so you can focus your services on specific areas and core target markets. We have 14 different websites, covering different areas and services that we offer to our clients.

    With regards to your question, if the content is completely different for each there is absolutely no problem with this. The only area where you may find a problem is if you want to list your multiple websites on Google+ Local (formerly Google Places).

    If your business is pretty much the same core services and you just have a different name - you should not make multiple Google+ Local listing pages for the different websites. Just make one for your main website. Google frowns on people having slightly different names but essentially the same services, location, telephone, etc.

    One of the biggest benefits you'll find with multiple websites is that if you do your research and preparation right, you can put together a great SEO plan that will allow you to get multiple Google page 1 / top 3 listings.
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    I think you can follow this strategy:
    - 1 site focus intro about all your products with landing pages or sale pages.
    - 1 blog focus write tips, guides relate to your products and link to 1st site. With blog, you can build brand, build list...
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    Yes, but you can create the subdomain. Then you have no risk. and if you have another plan then you can create another website on this plan.
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    A number of my competitors actually have multiple websites. The intention is that they have each site target a specific demographic (budget users, premium users, trade customers etc). Each site is branded completely differently and the only tell tale signs are on the about us page where the registered company name, company registration number and VAT registration number are identical.

    Google doesn't penalise these sites and this multi brand set-up works very well for the majority of them.

    That having been said, I'm not sure of the advantages of having multiple websites for the same company and same brand. Even if Google weren't to penalise (which I don't see they would do if the content was completely unique on both sites), I don't feel that 'Steve's Roofing' would benefit from having two websites that are competing against one another. Getting both of them ranking well in the SERPs would be a larger undertaking and ultimately you would be potentially causing confusion to the end user who would no doubt wonder whether they were on the right website.
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    Yes companies can have two websites with different URL,Instead of going with 2 websites,you can add subdomain to create a perfect look
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