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I know Web 3.0 being referred to by experts as the semantic web and the next step in the evolution of the Internet and Web applications. Do Web 3.0 effect SEO ?
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    Can you explain Web 3.0 a little more??
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      Originally Posted by WarriorWasim View Post

      Can you explain Web 3.0 a little more??
      With Web 3.0, it's about the Web becoming smarter, getting to know you better from your browsing history (and all you've contributed to it during Web 2.0) and automatically delivering content to you that is relevant. I think web 3.0 is web 2.0 upgrade
      Web 3.0 feature:

      - Web 3.0 is the move towards being able to access data from anywhere
      This is mainly being driven by the heavy usage of smart phones and cloud applications.
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  • Originally Posted by rosestorm View Post

    I know Web 3.0 being referred to by experts as the semantic web and the next step in the evolution of the Internet and Web applications. Do Web 3.0 effect SEO ?
    What is web3.0? I am curious to know about the process. How to work on it?
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    It's an extremely great topic but in a nutshell, Website 3.0 or " Web " means to obtain the results that are finest over a question that fits with individual motive.
    Anthony Morrison has published and sold over 1 million books on Internet marketing.
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    Yes i am agree with others because you should explain Web 3.0 may be you want to say about WordPress version..? But may be may be not.
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    topic looks interesting. Can you please give us basic understandings about it.??
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      Originally Posted by hrishivardhan View Post

      topic looks interesting. Can you please give us basic understandings about it.??
      Web 3.0 feature:

      1) Semantic Web
      The next evolution of the Web involves the Semantic Web. The semantic web improves web technologies in order to generate, share and connect content through search and analysis based on the ability to understand the meaning of words, rather than on keywords or numbers.

      2) Artificial Intelligence
      Combining this capability with natural language processing, in Web 3.0, computers can understand information like humans in order to provide faster and more relevant results. They become more intelligent to satisfy the needs of users.

      3. Web 3,0 share data easily than web 2.0
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    the term Web 3.0 (the "semantic Web") describes sites where computers will be generating raw data on their own. Web 3.0 will be the next logical step in the evolution of the Internet. For Web 1.0 and 2.0, the Internet is trapped within the physical walls of the computer, but as more devices become connected to the Web, such as smartphones, cars, and other household appliances, the Internet will be set free and become omnipresent.
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  • In October, Stephen Baker wrote about one of the more easily understandable concepts for Web 3.0. I like to think of it as “Web 2.0 on steroids.” Having just returned from a conference where he was part of a panel that tried to define Web 3.0, he saw three important ideas emerging:

    #Easier, cheaper, and more pervasive. According to Baker, many people who might have become involved with Web 2.0 stayed away from it because the technology was too confusing. He thinks they’ll start participating as the technology gets easier and users see it as relevant to their lives – and the networking effects of getting more people involved will make Web 3.0 more useful.

    #Always on, everywhere. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer all the time. When is the last time you were totally out of contact – no phone, no Internet, no possible way to reach you? I’d add another, possibly discomforting level to that: the ability to easily receive geography-based information (such as ads delivered to your cell phone from nearby stores, or being able to ask it “Where is the nearest burger joint?” and get an answer). The disturbing part is that whatever is serving you this information knows where you are.

    #Controlling our data. Baker believes we’ll be able to use a variety of systems “to wrap our personal data with various types of protection.” He also thinks we’ll benefit from “new systems of reputation and ranking” to “help us figure out which data sources to take seriously and which to shun.”
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    Is web 3.0 is currently in use..How much is it effective? and Creating blogs in web 3.0 is costly ? or free? Can you explain with example? because itseems to be new..
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      Originally Posted by hariwebmaster View Post

      Is web 3.0 is currently in use..How much is it effective? and Creating blogs in web 3.0 is costly ? or free? Can you explain with example? because itseems to be new..
      I think web 3.0 is not active now. Build backlink in web 3.0 is same web 2.0. It is not effect for SEO. Content is always King.
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    What I know about the benefits and the point of web 3.0:

    Web 3.0 emphasis on computer sharing of data. That will help the website when needed to talk to each other will more easily, more quickly, more accurately. The programmer of the parties should communicate little more extreme in writing out the tools used to read the data, they only need to notify the other party know that they send data over and across the writing software to read the stuff that is true.

    The exchange of information of the Web 3.0 also helps the process of finding information on the Internet is easier, more efficient and returns the right stuff you need. That is because the website use the data according to a standard format, and the apparatus such as Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search just the reading that data to analyze and remember only, no need to go through the complicated HTML files and not in the given structure.

    Web 3.0 will help data is displayed in real time to quickly and more efficiently. We will have many applications for business, education, retail, warehouse ... with information that is updated every minute every second without having to load the whole page. Generally the data flow will come on come out constantly to bring you the latest information, the most worthwhile.

    Web 3.0 is still incomplete:

    huge data volume is difficult to control, the data do not clearly, lack of credit and security posts
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    So web 3.0 is something related to AI, Like internet will automatically generate content on its own and publish?

    So what is the role of human here?
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    no any such things available like web 3.0 it is just fake motivated name of web 2.0.

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    This thread is laughable at best... but more so discouraging. Lets start with some basics shall we?

    Web 1.0; in a nut shell web 1.0 properties are any page that is static in nature. When I say this I mean it has nothing to do with how the page is programmed IE hard coded static or the data is drawn from a DB. What this means is the page is void of social interaction of any kind.

    So that brings us to Web 2.0. The difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 is INTERACTION. The ability so "Share", to comment, to rate, etc. Basically allowing for open communication about the topic of the page - on the page.

    This concept becomes very convoluted in the realm of say SEO, because many use the term "Web 2.0" to represent pages other than the money site that are used to for linking.as in the 2nd layer of sites. Old School terminology for this linking structure would be "Pyramid Structure". Meaning you have a money site. you then have a layer of directly linked sites to your money site, and then multiple layers beyond that linking upwards ( much like Silo Structure for a site )

    So what is Web 3.0? It is called "The internet of things" and it is called that for a reason. Self driving cars would be web 3.0 ( the car being a "thing" ) Those new fangled thermostats that allow you to connect to your thermostat with an App... Or through the app the thermostat knows you are almost home and makes an adjustment ( turns up the heat or turns on the AC ) Basically the connection of the web and things in general. Right now that focus is bringing the internet into as many aspects of our lives as possible. Your cell phone would be a good example. Google Home or AppleTV2 more good examples.

    There is also the aspect of web 3.0 that is "semantic". The ability to understand your use of the internet and how to display content that would be of interest to you. In terms of SEO, Googles "Rank Brain" would be what I consider web 3.0 in nature. Better connecting the searchers intent with the content provided.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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