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For a google search, I saw multiple urls are listed for a single keyword. How this happens? Generally we can see Google shows only one url from a website for a keyword (if the keyword is not the domain name). Interested to know opinions from SEO professionals.
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    Yes, it could be possible. For example if you are working on page like /seo-services and you have used seo and services words for crawling in the search engine, then your webpage will show with that particular page. As well as if you have same keywords and words on ther page content so Google shows the same if it crawls your webpage. It is not an issue at any point.
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    Google always provide best choice for user. You must have good content to rank top google
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    It's pretty common for branded stuff. If you type in "Wikipedia" the chances are you're looking for the site, so it gets lots of the top spots in the SERP. There's not a lot else that Google could put there that would satisfy the user's intent.

    Google does have a stated policy called "Query Deserves Diversity" though, which disprefers to rank things with similar content.

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    Yes that can happen and I have also noticed such things. This usually happens when the keyword competition is less. Hence many websites are not competing for that keyword.
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    sometimes it happens for some website. google pic main keyword from content and meta tags. and it rank for same keywords for different urls
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    If depend on keywords what you type in google. Google provides best results for user.
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