Do you even need to build backlinks

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if you are targeting low competition long-tailed keywords and providing good on-page content and SEO? I hate building backlinks and it seems very artificial to comment on blog posts and other things with links back. Am I crazy for thinking good content and targeting keywords with low competition is enough to make page 1 in google?
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    Blog commenting isn't for building links they are for outreach.
    And whether like it or not link building is always necessary even if you are targeting low competition keywords. People can rank crappy content with good links.
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    • And how do you explain that I increased my DA from 9 to 21 only by commenting ?

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    without backlink your site can't rank because your site must have some page authority and domain authority. because in google top ten result almost all sites which have high authority.

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      so my pages directly targeting long-tailed keywords with low competition will never rank on their own with excellent relevant content? i find that hard to believe when half the sites ranking for said keywords are hardly targeting anything remotely related to the keywords in question. I mean some of those top 10 results are hardly relevant and are from crap looking sites.

      if google cares about content and quality so much (as has been widely reported and rumored), they'll rank my stuff over the other so-so pages in the top 10 that provide mediocre quality for those keywords
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    I would like to tell you that good content and targeting keywords are enough. But in a competitive industry like this, it will never be. Backlinks aren't necessarily artificial. It's just the act of moving a step forward to get better results. Plus, it makes your website rank higher. After all, that's what we're after.
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    Building backlinks has already become a need because of the tight competition around. Without it, your website will have the least chance of getting on top of search engine results.
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    Really sorry to say you still confused. Can you tell me what do mean of back links...? Am still waiting your answers
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    You're crazy like a fox, my friend.

    Building backlinks to boost low competition keywords is necessary to rank spammy crap above other spammy crap.

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    it's all about testing and finding out who your competition is

    many times google is ranking sites by default because of their authority

    but I and my clients are getting #1 positions with good content and just the keyword in the title with little to no links

    google monitors every niche different

    some niches just by their nature for spamming are heavily monitored and the rules are much harder than less spammy niches

    test and test some more

    anyone who makes blanket statements without knowing what is going on page one and the niche hasn't done enough testing or just repeating what they have read

    you must know who is on page one
    you must know your niche
    only way to do that is actually analyze groups of keywords for the niche your interested in then move forward with the data you found

    not what you read here, most of what you read here is just parrot talk with no testing behind their words
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    • listen to this man

      to answer your original question, yes you can, but it all depends on your niche. One way to check the quality of your content, is through deep analysis on G analytics, have you seen if visitors also consider your content high quality? do you have a low BR? a good time on site? do they scroll down til the end of the page?

      if you have good numbers visitors wise, and your niche isnt too link dependent, you definitely can rank using only good content, more so, if your targets are long tail words.

      I can tell you from my own experience that I work on several niches where the first 10 results barely have a link worthy of mention, so its not true that you necesarily must build links to rank, not true at all
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    I have a site that has not yet received a backlink with the tag WP Site Guardian 2017 Review there are 1,100 million results, but it's in the TOP # 10 google, I think your case may still occur.
    but honestly I like the backlink because it greatly affect google ranking.
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    You'll always need backlinks

    YES, even in the Age of RANKBRAIN

    links gets you an initial position and click performance/audience behavior takes care of everything else

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    You are unlikely to rank your keywords, even long-tailed keywords, just on on-page content and SEO.

    There are so many other ranking factors. With backlinks still being a very strong factor.

    Using Private Blog Networks (PBNs) can be a relatively quick way to increase your rankings. Either by renting links on someone else's network or building your own.
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    backlink like vote.
    you are taking part in election. if you got 0 vote. your status like a beggar. same like this backlink works
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    There are other ways to gain links which you may find less "artificial" such as online business directories, writing and promoting content from an onsite blog, or social bookmarking websites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

    To answer your questions if your competition is that low, then no you do not need to build backlinks as long as your onsite SEO is on point. However, in most cases, if you are not ranking where you want to, some quality backlinks are a good idea to help and a mix of dofollow and nofollow links are ok to have.

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    I watched AHref's you tube videos on how to build up backlinks and it really helps a lot
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    Confirm what target you wish to achieve for your website.
    Off page techniques are used to drive the traffic and also to enhance your online presence.
    In order to stand one in google search you are bound to take all the efforts it takes right from deigning metrics to posting on other websites to generate backlinks.
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