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I have a question about the best way to optimize a photographer's homepage for SEO. It's a simple answer if you specialize in one or two things but in my experience many beginner (and even seasoned photographers) will shoot whatever they can get their hands on. Perhaps you mainly shoot weddings and engagement sessions but you also shoot newborns from time to time, family photos, high school seniors and generic head shots. Granted the short answer may be to simply suggest that they specialize however coming from the photography world that isn't always feasible. Of course we'd suggest that they should create a page for each specialty to optimize for that specific keyword, but I'm talking mainly about the home page.

Dallas Wedding Engagement Family Newborn headshot photographer looks pretty spammy and I'm sure Google won't like that either.

In some cases you can definitely group things together, like family, senior portrait and new born could feasibly be grouped into "Dallas family portrait photographer" etc, but in other instances where you shoot everything not so much.

So with that being said, in terms of optimizing both the title tag and content on the page (easier to separate out) what would your advice be?
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    I'm not an expert on photography website, but here is some experience to optimize title must be clear, use keyword/phrase as the first words in the title of the page has the highest correlation with website rankings.
    about the content you need to note the number of repetitions of keywords, keyword density, related keywords, ALT attribute, image name, image size, HTML Comments.
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    As you said, specialising may be your best option, though I know it is not easy.
    Depending on where you live (in terms of economy, surroundings, etc) this can be feasible as there may be enough of a market for even one of these things.

    As for optimising your name, I would suggest either finding a common ground between all of your various photography interests and naming your business after this, or just focus on your name as the brand.

    So essentially, either choose "Dallas Family Photographer" (newly-weds are technically 'family') as an all-encompassing name, or choose your own name as the brand focus (eg: "John Quirk Photography", or "Quirk Photography Dallas").

    That's as much as I can recommend on this topic.
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