A question about Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

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Hi All,

I needed some help.

I have a website that's got High Citation Flow and Low Trust Flow. Its like CF is 3 times TF.

1. Would that be considered spammy to google?
2. How can I fix this?

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks
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    It is quite normal. There is nothing to worry about.

    If your keywords are ranking on Google without any issues, you should not be worried about TF and CF values. Those are domain metrics only.
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      I have read and heard in a few blogs that from SEO point of view its not a good thing. And that the ratio for TF and CF should as close to 1. So was wondering.

      But you have a point with the keywords ranking.

      Thank you
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    Originally Posted by ripinder Singh View Post

    Hi All,

    I needed some help.

    I have a website that's got High Citation Flow and Low Trust Flow. Its like CF is 3 times TF.

    1. Would that be considered spammy to google?
    2. How can I fix this?

    Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Citation Flow and Trust Flow are not ranking factors. Google does not look at or care about either one.
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    There is a variable that exists... TrustRank... There are oodles of articles that discuss TrustRank vs PageRank. Sadly the most important piece of information is almost always left out. PageRank is indeed a variable for Google. There is a patent that indicates as such. TrustRank however.. well there is again a Patent for this.. its owned by Yahoo.

    They both work very much in the same way.. well maybe not the same way but are looking to end with close to the same result. The results determining the value of a page be it spam.. or a page of real value.

    When you really read and study the 2 you do understand they work in apposing opposite manors... PageRank is looking at the collective of links pointing to a page, and TrustRank is looking at a predetermined set of trusted sites ( Seed Sites ), and the distance by linking to your page. The closer your page, the more "trustworthy" your page is.

    I more than believe Google does have some sort of trust variable... they have without question played with them in the past. The now dead Authorship variable, I would suggest to be in this trust category. Even today, I think there may be some weight thrown to Authorship via the authorship tag in Schema.. however, Google has more than once come out and said that Schema tags are NOT used to determine a pages position.

    So what about Majestics Trust and Citation Flow... They are indicators.. tools.. to give you an idea of what your site is doing.. I build "Local" sites.. in the beginning My Citation flow is through the roof in comparison to Trust Flow.. ( I build Citations first ) as time progresses they tend to equal out and over a longer period of time, Trust flow ( the number of backlinks ) will be larger than citation flow.

    So your not building Local pages? then your Citation flow will be low - its kinda a given actually... who builds "Citations" for non local sites? But I think there is a bit more to Citation rank than meets they eye.

    I am a pretty strong believer in the Semantic web... Web 3.0 if you must.. but I really don't consider it that... but anyways... Semantic linking or text based linking is in essence a Citation link. Consider this if you may... There is no question Google looks at Citation data for "local" search. Doesn't it stand to reason they do the same in Organic? ( at the very least - we know Google COULD )

    As much as the numbers ( Majestics TF and CF ) are not actual numbers that Google uses in its Algorithms they do become decent indicators in terms of your sites link and citation health. Looking at one vs the other and trying to make a comparison is totally off base.. they just will never be equal... and honestly.. there isn't anything to compare between the 2.. they are flat out 2 totally different variables with no parallel function or meaning.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    If the disparity between TF and CF, chances are your site has low quality indicators.
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    in my opinion this is definitely an issue normally you do not need to worry about 2 trến index.
    and the best way to increase trust flow in a professional way is using PBN to increase system for your site, though costly, but very worthwhile.
    You should avoid increasing the TF and CF quickly.
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  • This is quiet good in my opinion. CF should ideally be 2 * TF. In your case its a bit on the higher side but nothing bad about it.
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      Originally Posted by Diana Smith View Post

      Trust flow refers to the numbers of trustworthy and quality backlinks which your site got and Citation flow refers to the number of backlinks which your site got.

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      Please do not link drop as it is considered as self promotion. Kindly review our http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...rum-rules.html

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