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Hi, I'm still pretty new to SEO and Blogging.

I wanted to start writing a little more ( smaller blogs ) in hopes it will bring me some more traffic.
The Website I really need it for the most, is a very old website, that has been build with iWeb ( a very old application by apple that is not even supported anymore ( but I like the program and the page so I haven't changed it yet) but I do know from a marketing point of view its necessary soon.
.. anyway I would like to write some blog posts on it and it has an option to add a blog page but with Google and SEO in general changing all the time, I don't now if that even makes sense !?
Because the algorithms of Google nowadays might not even detect any for the important facts on those old formats !?

Then I have an online store with shopify which has the blog post page already build in. But I have head, that since shopify is so loaded with shop owners, that it even makes it harder from an SEO point of view to be found ( ranked higher).
Is that true ?

The last website I want to invest more time in is actually a blog side, but more meant to keep some clients informed not really to get more traffic / clients with SEO, but I want to change that.
The side is build with word press. I'm assuming that is the best platform / format ??
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    I suggest wordpress since that's what I used in the past it is easy to use and there's a large community with thousands of plugins that you can use for it. I never used any SEO plugin but there's some really good ones out there with good ratings like yoast...
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    following are platfrom for the best blog

    Wix. ...
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    @ Julio WP makes sence since its very current so I'm assuming they are keeping up with Googles changes and I guess the SEO plug ins will help if I'm not the best writer .. keyword researcher etc..

    @ CeiphersClothing in that order ?
    I have a Wix page to as a landing page.. just don't like their monthly payment ! So will change it soon ( of cause its nice to build your website yourself so easy) Wix has a lot of pug ins as well.
    So u suggest to bild a blog and then link it to my existing page if I don't want to build a complete new side on one of those platforms correct ?

    Which leads me to another big question !: I now that back links are important for Googles ranking ... I have my domains all under one account with one provider so I'm using the same webspace for all my domains ( so I only play for for the domains once a year but only 1 monthly fee for hosting all domains) Is it of any advantage to link my own sides form a SEO point of view ?
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    Best platform for the blog are...

    Tumblr. ...

    lots blog site available for blog. but these are best for bloging.
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    forget shopify for blogging purpose. wordpress is best for seo purpose so go on with wordpress.

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      Can somebody say why those are the best blog platforms ?

      I use the blog page within shopify for my online store, because it leads directly to my shop and there are product suggestions in the side bar of the blog
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    I agree with most comments, go with WordPress. However, I would strongly recommend getting independent hosting and then installing WordPress as the site Builder. You can do this easily with Blue Host.
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    WP makes no sense. It is a bloated piece of sewage that people have no clue how to manage.

    This forum is full of people asking why this, why that, how to fix this, fix that, expunge this, delete that,...

    Complete waste of time.

    Blogspot is owned by google, and comes seo'd directly out of the box exactly how they want it.

    A 2 year old can customize it, and you can use your own domain for free. Yes. I said, FREE.

    No hosting fees.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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