How to do SEO of this website to be 1st in Google???

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I purchase a website 2/3 months before.I am doing amazon affiliate in this website.Now could u please advise me updated seo trends of 2017 so that i could rank this website in Google and other important search engine of the world.

Here i gave a post link that i want rank in google.If any one advise whether the on page seo is ok or note.if on page is not ok suggest me the correct one.For off page seo which step should i take first and which seo tools will be help full for this website.

At present to rank a keyword in google how many days is required.Thanks for your honest advise.I want to post this question in other seo forum to get some update knowledge of SEO.
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    I can offer a few small bits of advice.

    Grammar needs working on.
    No call to action. I only knew to click on those chairs because i thought they might go to Amazon.
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  • A lot has changed in terms of SEO. Both strategies- on-page and off-page SEO- are equally important. If you are interested how to do proper optimization and ranking, you need to research and look for sites and blogs that teach and update you with the latest SEO trends. This forum is a good start. There are a lot of threads here that discuss how to do SEO. If you want something that covers every aspect of SEO, like a tutorial type, MOZ guide to SEO is a good source. You can search in Google for these materials. There is a lot of free and good stuff out there.
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