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What is the latest google update for SEO ?
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    Recently, there has been a big algorithm update by google its about links. So, be careful with your link profile.
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    Its the unofficial Fred update in which targets low quality site content pages as well as heavy ads from the search results
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    Google latest SEO update is "Intrusive Interstitial Penalty". which hurt sites ranking having popup in their site.
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    I think Latest google update is Fred & Black hat. I don't have exact idea, But I also want to know about it in details.
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    Yes, recently there was a update name Fred because of which their is drop in ranking and traffic of many website. Still this update is unconfirmed and but according to some webmaster they have came across with drop in their website ranking.
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    Recently we have seen many updates . But the latest one is Fred but this is also not verified by Google. As Google says we daily bring 2-3 updates so its very easy to say that Google updated but which one is exactly and its effect we cannot say.
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    Yes, as mentioned before, that is so-called Fred that hits those who are having artificial spammy link profiles and pays less attention to the quality of content at this time.
    So the advice is as always to keep constantly monitoring your website for technical issues, make sure your backlink profile is neat and the quality of your content makes your competitors feel jealous)
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  • Quality content is the top most priority now check the given link below:-
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    Can you brief Fred update ?
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    what does zero rank mean ? and how to get our website ?
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    Fred update is not officially confirm by Google. davidricherd is right latest update is "Intrusive Interstitial Penalty".
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    new and latest update is fred which is unofficial given name. it is for pbn other profile link penalty tool.

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