Does the website load fast compared to other websites?

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Hello Guys, any technique to improve website loading time.
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    Hi Endrue11 ,

    what website are you talking about? Please elaborate your question so that other Warriors can answer your question
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    Originally Posted by Endrue11 View Post

    Hello Guys, any technique to improve load time.

    I did not get that. Can you explain further?
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    there are many tools available online which can help you optimize your website. if you are a developer, there are many online forums as well which can help to find such solutions.
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    Investigate which pages lack optimization: check how many requests the pages are sending and try to reduce the number of resources they are using; make use of cache control headers; make sure there are no multiple or unnecessary redirects as this may affect the speed dramatically; consider combining the external CSS and JavaScript files (small pieces may also be inlined), etc.

    These are just the most common fixes, that can save a lot of your page and reduce the load time quite a bit.

    I`d recommend you to try WesbiteAuditor - there`s a very handy Page Speed module where you can find problematic places, recommendations and actionable tips. Can help you get started.
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    Hi, first basic thing you optimize your image sizes and code sizes. if you using word press theme, don't using more plugins and plugins are increasing your loading speed.
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    I recommend you to use Google page speed tool for the same.
    The common factors which affect website speed are

    Render blocking JavaScript
    Image size
    Browser Caching
    Minify HTML and CSS
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    There are many tools available online that gives you highlight about area that want to improve for improve web page load speed. In most of case, images take more time to load so it is necessary to improve that area by give proper size and attributes.
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    Use a CDN like Cloudflare

    You get the benefit of a distributed cache so your site can be delivered from local servers dotted around the world, so you end up with a great response rate from anywhere.

    You can also use page rules that optimize your site for best delivery of content. This can save you huge amounts of traffic from hour host server, saving you hosting bandwidth costs

    You also get built in threat protection from bots and malicious actors worldwide. This is an automatic defence which could otherwise cause you problems on your site.

    You also get the chance to compress certain data optimizing the minimising the number of requests to deliver pages.

    All these benefits and its FREE for basic setups.

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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