How can i remove spam urls from Google's index?

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my website was hacked. I fixed it but google still indexing thousand of pages which does not exist in website.
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  • In the mean time you can manually delete the URL's from Webmaster Tools:

    You can find this link in 'Google-index' and after that 'Remove URLs'. I have translated those terms from Dutch so give me some slack ;-)

    Post the URL you can to delete and hit Enter. Will take some effort but i've noticed a couple of days ago that it works like a charm.

    In the mean time Google will remove the old URL's permanently from the index.
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      Thank you... There are near 11k+ urls so it will take long time to enter all urls because we can only post one url at a time :-) I have added near 100.
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    Remove the spam urls from Google Index ASAP because if the urls are not exist, it must be generating 404 errors which will hapmper your website reputation, Also once you remove all spam urls from Google Index with URL Removal tool, regenerate and resubmit your sitemap as if anything missing could create 404 errors and it will help Google to understand that those URL's are not exist anymore.
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    Use google disavow tool to remove the badlinks from the website.
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    you can remove from your admin panel and also in the webmaster tool if you using.
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    I hire a guy on fiverr called danalytics. Charges 60 bucks for the gig. well worth it
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    I think remove spam URL is google webmaster tools.
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  • I think you didn't fix your website properly some of malicious data is still in your website that's why pages are generated automatically. So first you should fix your site properly.
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    Use Google's disavow tool for removing all the spam links or manually contact those sites to remove your link from there.
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  • You could use the remove url feature. Make sure that you do it properly and submit the sitemap again
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