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Hi Guys, we are a startup www.storeo.io . Can anyone suggest an SEO strategy for our new venture?
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    Well your site looks great. But I think that you have to work on your loading speed.

    In your niche you should start promoting your site in the social networks.
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    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    As mobile is the future so make your website highly responsive and mobile friendly that looks good and optimized on all screens. Focus on providing high quality and well-researched content. Cut down on all unnecessary information and make your site super-fast. Generate quality backlinks with right keywords. Also, make a strong presence on Social Media networks.

    Coming Soon...

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    Keyword and COmpetitor Analysis

    It is crucial to make use of the right keywords for off page SEO and make sure to perform an effective research on high ranking keywords. Once you are obtaining the keywords to function on, utilize them since the anchor-text as well as the important phrases in link building. The usage of keywords in anchor text is quite crucial for the caliber of backlinks and moreover any link along with your intended keyword is really a plus so far as search engines are considered.
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    your website do not have meta description. your website is too young. have any act to SEO your website.
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    Personally I would start with fixing all obvious tech errors, and you have quite a few: you haven`t set up http/https versions properly (you have a temp redirect), www and non-www are both available, apart from that you have quite a lot of mixed content which is quite an issue when running on https. There are lots of orphan pages that are totally unlinked from your site, and you can utilize the internal linking way more effectively. Here`s just a sneak-peek:

    There are also some obvious on-page fixes to apply: the images are not optimized at all, and there are lots of too long titles and descriptions:

    I`d take off somewhere here, as these are basics, and then would start working on quality content and all things off-page.
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    Your website look is great. Logo is also great.
    The videos on home page should be arranged properly specially the last one.
    If you have many videos then you can use carousel to keep moving in rotation or back & front.
    Start from social media sites posting that will help you a lot.
    Live videos is the current trend.
    Instagram & Pinterest for images publicity.
    Join groups on social media site with relevant interest.
    Press release can also be great option to announce about latest shows.
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